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The best choice for watching the 2022 Qatar World Cup on a big screen VIVIDSTORM 120-inch LASER ROLLABLE TV-“The Screen Rises From The Ground“

by ZhouQiaoli 30 Sep 2022 0 Comments


The 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup is coming. VIVIDSTORM creates a great experience for enthusiast around the world to watch the game at home, and a big screen that rises from the ground


-A 120-inch large screen that allows enthusiast to truly gather together!

Home theaters continue to become the choice for people to watch games, especially the upcoming World Cup, which can only be watched  once every 4 years


As the sponsor of the 2022 Qatar FIFA World Cup, Hisense is leading the new era of laser TV into home theater. VIVIDSTORM Projection Screen has been committed to the research and production of projection screens for nearly 20 years, and is a professional manufacturer of projection screens. The company focuses on the needs of consumers and manufactures products based on the real needs of consumers;  abandoned traditional manufacturing factories,  built and realized a movie dream factory, so that everyone can enjoy the visual experience given by our screen and also give the most cost-effective price for clients.



-Excellent transition design - Ambient Light Rejecting screen for Rollable Laser TV, a new way of next-generation home theater

 Breaking the traditional fixed frame, drop down and manual-pull projection screens; a new type of projection screen that can "rise from the ground", an excellent choice for movie transitions! With the Ultra short throw laser TV. two ends of the screen are designed with tab-tensoned, flat as a mirror.let your wall is full of "TV" experience!



-Plug & Play, No drilling required install-achieve Pop-Up about 30 seconds!

 The VIVIDSTORM electric floor rising screen does not require any installation,  it’s a plug and play device It is convenient and fast, it saves space, and is easy to move in any positions. When it is closed, it instantly becomes a "small strip", which is your home smart screen;



-4k HD quality feast- Variety of choices, enjoy more lifestyle

VIVIDSTORM not only provides a variety of sizes, but also has screen material styles that match different types of projectors and sizes from 72 inches to 180 inches, bringing more choices and perfect viewing experience to enthusiast' smart home theaters. The high-fidelity sound equipped with the laser TV and the high-quality film source of the projection have excellent effects, and you will feel like you are in it. Visiting the stadium is no longer a dream!


 -The Top Ambient Light Rejecting screen material used with the lights on-Don't miss any scoring moment!


VIVIDSTORM S PRO Electric Floor Rising Ambient Light Rejecting screen is a product specially tailored to ultra-short throw laser projectors. The CBSP number A++ grade black screen material is selected to provide excellent light rejecting for laser TV. Even when the lights are on, the picture is still clear, providing enthusiast with a perfect visual experience.


 -Eye Protection-Feature Perfect Visuals ,Whether the light on or off

Compared with the "lethality" of watching TV for a long time, we all know that we care more about your eye health when you are chasing the game.The projection is a diffuse reflection imaging method, and the light is reflected on the screen before entering the human eye, so the light received by the human eye is very soft. Effectively avoiding harmful blue light.

VIVIDSTORM will give you a different immersive experience this year, let's join this world-class sports feast together


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