Rejecting ambiance light
Electric Projection Screen
Reject blue light protect eyes


The Ultimate Screen | Electric Floor Tab-tensioned Floor Rising Ultra Short Throw Ambiance Ligth Rejecting Projection Screen


Customer Feedback

Fantastic experience on every aspects ! Customer service is excellent, always available , very fast and effective answers. They ship the goods by plane, since it took roughly a week between the moment I confirmed the order and I received the package home. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to receive it so fast, I received the screen from China before the projector , although ordered in Europe. Package was spotless. And the screen is amazing, just as you can see it on their shop or on YouTube reviews. Everything was perfect


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So far the best experience ever! The support team was keen to answer all my questions and tell me what is the best screen for my projector. The shipment was extremely fast, and the product had a really strong pack. I have no words to describe how happy I am with this product. If you want, I should buy it! I totally recommend it =)


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I never leave reviews after years of purchasing from Amazon but this product and more importantly, the before and after sales service I received made me change my mind.

First, the screen is absolutely amazing. Superior daytime viewing characteristics and ofcourse performs better in a darkened room. This replaced a 60 inch 4K TV I had been using and which has a lot of windows in the viewing area. The screen outperforms the TV significantly. 90% of the sun glare is now gone with the screen. When used in conjunction with my Xiao Mi laser projector, it performs just as well as any 4K monitor, even in well lit conditions.

But as great as the screen is, the customer service was amazing. I contacted them a few times enquiring about shipping and some other matters. They went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied. I cannot say enough about their product and service!


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 If you’re looking for a product you can place somewhere where you already have a wall mounted TV and don’t want to remove it because you want both, this is the screen for you. I paired this with my VAVA projector and it is amazing. The ALR version is the way to go as it can be viewed day or night. Screen rises and closes in about 30 seconds. It’s worth the price as it’s the closest thing to a movie theater you’ll receive.


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