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The official launch of the new Media Center:Team qi × SIM 2 × Devialet x VIVIDSTORM

by ZhouQiaoli 30 Sep 2022 0 Comments

The top combination of smart technology home theater

SIM2 XTV 4K laser projection is embedded in the center of the media center TV cabinet, behind which is a new type of laser TV dedicated - 100Inch VIVIDSTORM Motorized Rollable Laser TV rising from the cabient, and two slowly rising #devialet on both sides Ray# D said Phantom I 108 decibel speakers, feel the shock of the king of bass;

Team.Qi✖️IF Audio
The official launch of the new Media Center
This is a visual enjoyment, but also an auditory feast

Team qi × SIM 2 × Devialet x VIVIDSTORM
This time, they met at the top and made a legendary work.


#drivepro##devialetdevialet##tvcabinetdesign #4kfullcolorlaserprojectionwhereisthegoodthing # Ldrivepro'sWeibovideoclose thefulltextd #vividstom #sim2 #projector #tvcabinet #laserprojector #vividstormscreen #4kfullhd #alr #cabinetdecor #homedecor #Electriccabinet #homesound #homeaudio

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