VIVIDSTORM Wall Brackets For Floor Rising Screen(Including 2 Bracket) - Black
Must Purchase with Our Screen for ElectricTension Floor Screen Wall Mount Set of Two-(Including 2 Bracket) Wall bracket (need purchase additional)Considering that the screen may not be able to meet the place where it cannot be placed on the ground....
VIVIDSTORM Screen Material Test Sample (Around A4 size)
Product Description One set includes(A4 sample size,7 kind of material ):1x Ultra Short Throw Ambient Light Rejecting Screen Material「UST ALR/CLR」(Black /white Lenticular Technology)1x Obsidian Long-throw Ambient Light Rejecting Screen Material1x 3D Obsidian Long-throw Ambient Light Rejecting Screen Material1x White Cinema...
$20.00 $1.00
VIVIDSTORM Heavy Duty Anti-Vibration Levelling Kit
VIVIDSTORM Adjustable Stereo Stand - Raise your stereo to new heights and optimize your home theater setup; Elevate your stereo system with our VIVIDSTORM Adjustable Stereo Stand. Designed to fit seamlessly on top of our motorized laser TV cabinets, our...
$129.00 $99.00
VIVIDSTORM Motorized Projector Cabinet/Automated Projector Sliding Module
Introducing the VIVIDSTORM Motorized Automated Shelf for ultra-short throw laser projectors! Designed to fit seamlessly into your home or office setup, our motorized shelf allows you to mount your projector in a cabinet and enjoy a clutter-free space. It is...
from $1,200.00
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