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Best Motorized Projection Screen - VIVIDSTORM Our Top Pick

by ZhouQiaoli 17 Oct 2022 0 Comments

Are you still using a traditional LCD TV or a projector? Have you considered buying a motorized projector screen?

If you have this idea or you have already bought a projector or screen. You're already one step closer to improving your viewing experience and upgrading your life.

If you only pursue simple operation and high-definition picture, I think traditional TV is more suitable for you

If you are interested in the size of the screen, the sound effects of the video, the experience of watching movies, the portability and entertainment of the screen, then the home theater is your first choice!

When it comes to home entertainment and home video, there's nothing more important than choosing a good projector and screen. Immerse yourself in your favorite movies with a high-lumen laser projector and motorized projector screen, with a large, oversized projection screen that eliminates the need to watch on the small screen of your laptop or smartphone, But when you watch it on a 120-inch or 150-180-inch screen and match it with a laser projector with the same surround sound as a movie theater, the viewing experience will be very shocking!

Projector selection

We have listed some laser projectors with high lumens for you, they can give you some reference in choosing the right projector to help you choose the right and suitable projector


Projector Brand/Model


Projector type


Fengmi/Formovie 4K Max


Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector



Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

Wemax A300


Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

Fengmi/Formovie T1



Ultra Short Throw Laser Projecto



Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

Dangbei Mars Pro 


Throw Laser Projector


Best Choice for Motorized Projection Screens

Are you considering adding a programmed motorized remote control projector screen to your projector or home theater room? VIVIDSTORM would be a great choice!

The size of VIVIDSTORM's motorized projection screen is available from 72-120 inches, which is very suitable for large family gatherings, watching movies, and watching sports events, which greatly improves the viewing experience.


The screen relies on the integrated switch of the tubular motor and the circuit board. Using the remote control, or even just turning on the projector, the screen can be turned on synchronously, making the lifting and lowering of the screen a breeze. The cover of the screen is made of aluminum alloy, which is simple and durable, and the vividstorm not only has a landing screen that can be installed on the ceiling, but also a floor-standing type that can be placed on the ground or installed on the wall through a bracket for double installation. Screen,Portable and mobile, labor-saving and space-saving!


 The most important thing is that the anti-light effect of the vividstorm electric screen is better than that of the traditional anti-light screen. The surface of the screen passes through the special part of TPU, which absorbs and resists the interference light from above, and projects the laser TV below. The light source is reflected parallel to the viewer's eyes to effectively achieve the effect of anti-light!


 Find the right projector and screen for your home theater setup!

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