About Us

VIVID STORM SINCE 2004, referred to as "VIVIDSTORM", belongs to the brand of HUIZHOU VIVIDSTORM FILM AND TELEVISION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. The predecessor of the company is Shenzhen Grand Precision Motor Co., Ltd., which was founded in June 2004. It has been committed to the research and development of tubular motors, projection screens, and screen accessories production, independent research and development and mold opening of various new products.

VIVIDSTORM is a technology product brand focusing on the field of film and television equipment. The brand provides high-quality film and television equipment products such as high-quality conference projection screens, home theaters, school teaching, training venues, and event sites to our customers.

Especially the screen that provides the latest solution, with the update of the projector market, we will provide the most suitable projection screen;

In the early days, the company mainly engaged in foreign trade OEM export products, and its customers involved North America, South America, Europe and Southeast Asia. In the later period, due to market demand, the company focused on the needs of end customers, opened major e-commerce platforms to sell directly to end customers, and manufactured products based on the real needs of consumers; abandoned traditional manufacturing factories, built and realized the movie dream factory, let Everyone enjoys the visual experience given by our screen;

At present, the company's products have obtained certification reports in professional fields such as CE, KC, ETL, ROSH, REACH, etc., and have won unanimous praise and recognition from the market; allowing consumers to buy the safest products;

We sincerely provide the best projection screen, provide the best customer service, and are committed to leading this field, making the VIVIDSTORM brand and products go to the world, bringing high-quality, rich product choices to more people, together with the world Experience the ultimate enjoyment brought by the dream screen.


Company name:Huizhou VIVIDSTORM film and television equipment co.LTD  
Company Address (HZ): 66 Zhongxing North Road, Aotou Town, Daya Bay, Huizhou(No.2 plant ) Guangdong Province, China