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What is the viewing angle of the projection screen? Does the viewing angle matter?

by ZhouQiaoli 10 Aug 2022 0 Comments

What is the viewing angle of the projection screen? Does the viewing angle matter?

The projection screen relies on the projector to project light to form an image, which is a passive imaging material. The images we see on the screen are the images formed by the light emitted to the retina in our eyes, and the light itself is a kind of energy. , the light energy. A well-designed optical screen can control the incident light of the projector to reflect to the viewing angle area where the human eye is located


What is the viewing angle?

The viewing angle is also called the available viewing angle, and the angle of one third of the viewing angle x2 is generally called the viewing angle. Because the human eye is less sensitive to changes in light intensity, especially in brighter light, viewing images within one-third value viewing angle is generally considered acceptable


The reflection of the screen in all directions is different. The smaller the angle between the line of sight and the screen in the horizontal direction, the lower the brightness; the viewing angle when the brightness drops to 50% is defined as the viewing angle.

The larger the viewing angle, the larger the viewing range. When viewing the image within the viewing angle, the brightness is satisfactory; when viewing the image outside the viewing angle, the brightness is insufficient. Generally speaking, the larger the gain of the screen, the smaller the viewing angle (metal screen); the smaller the gain, the larger the viewing angle,But it's not absolute, it's also related to the screen structure. After exceeding the angle range, the color and brightness will drop sharply, which will seriously affect the viewing effect.

A picture shows you the viewing angles of all different types of VIVIDSTORM screens



The most representative of them is the UST ALR/CLR screen. Its screen gain is 0.6, and the screen surface uses a sawtooth structure. %, so that it has a visual range of 170° in the horizontal viewing angle, and it will not have much impact in almost every direction

 Let's see the projection effect of S PRO with 4500 high lumen Fengmi/Formovie 4K Max Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector and VIVIDSTORM UST ALR curtain material

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