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Home theater that can be moved - reasons to choose a motorized floor-standing projection screen

by ZhouQiaoli 12 Aug 2022 0 Comments

Benefits of Electric Floor-standing Projection Screens

The biggest feature of VIVIDSTORM electric floor-standing projection screen is that it can be moved and placed at will without the limitation of space, suitable for various use scenarios, such as: living room, bedroom, independent audio-visual room, working office, conference room , even churches, wedding venues, etc. You can feel it anytime, anywhere, just like watching a movie in a movie theater.

Moreover, the electric form can liberate people's hands. Only one switch or remote control is needed to turn on the screen, making life more and more intelligent. The appearance of the screen is brief and atmospheric, not only practical but also beautiful. Compared with many screens, the cost performance is very high

Take you to understand the details of the vividstorm electric floor-standing projection screen


 Control Method

The vividstorm electric floor-standing projection screen has a variety of control options, including a flashlight switch on the left side of the enclosure, infrared remote control, radio frequency remote control, and the screen is equipped with infrared (IR) and radio frequency (RF) remote control systems. Triggers can also be used to synchronize the projector with the screen

In order to prevent operation errors, the power switch and the screen switch are designed separately; when the large screen is raised, it provides a safe buffer to leave time!

Bonus: The projector trigger (Dongle) realizes the simultaneous operation of the projector and the screen, no need to control the screen switch! (not compatible with all projectors),


The greatest motorized pop-up system

Roll-up screens come in a variety of designs and a floor standing projector screen is often the best pull up projector screen option.

The screen have strong support bar system .two V-shaped brackets to running the screen, The screen rises smoothly in a short time.

 Anti-light curtain material

vividstorm UST ALR electric floor-standing projection screen with black grid anti-light screen (UST ALR/CLR) is an excellent choice. The black grid anti-light curtain uses PVC as the base material, the surface is made of unique anti-light coating, and the screen surface is a sawtooth structure, which can absorb the external ambient light. The black grid anti-light curtain has excellent light resistance of 90%. , it will not be disturbed by the strong light outdoors, and it can still be used and viewed normally in the case of bright light during the day, and it also has the effect of eye protection.

In addition, the electric screen lift can make the screen surface flat. Not only does the rebound mechanism of the bracket keep the evaluation flat, but there are also pull wires on both sides of the screen to prevent the screen surface from being uneven or the edges being curled. For example, the floor-to-ceiling screen of UST ALR has a viewing angle of up to 170°, which can be viewed from different angles, and users can enjoy a cinema-like visual experience.



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