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How to distinguish and select S PRO/S PRO P/PRO/PRO P/PRO A/PRO PA UST ALR screen?

by ZhouQiaoli 02 Aug 2022 0 Comments

The ultra-short-throw projector is the best match with our UST ALR/CLR black grid screen. The sawtooth screen structure used by the black grid is very suitable for the reflection projection method of the ultra-short-throw projector. However, the projectors have different swings. The playback method also affects the selection of the ALR screen.

However, our UST ALR screen has two types of electric lifting and lowering. According to the placement of the projector, the screen can be installed in two ways: the front screen and the flip screen. Among them, there are also senior fans who love listening to the theater. There is a certain pursuit, so also for ordinary UST ALR screens and acoustically transparent UST ALR screens with perforations.

The following introduces the website's various types of UST ALR screens suitable for ultra-short throw projectors!

Floor projector screen


The S PRO Electric Tension Floor Screen is made of UST ALR material and is only suitable for UST laser projectors and is designed to place the projector on a table or floor

UST Laser Projector on a table

UST Laser Projector on a floor


S PRO P is suitable for speakers or speakers, if you want to create a more three-dimensional, with sound surround setting requirements, the material and installation method of the curtain are the same, but the S PRO P will punch holes on the black edge at the bottom of the screen. The hole position is as small as 0.4mm, very invisible and flat

 Black border comparison of S PRO and S PRO P


Drop projector screen


The curtain material and the installation direction of the curtain for PRO and S PRO are all the same. They are only suitable for the ultra-short throw projector to be used on the table or the floor. However, please note that if the projector needs to be placed on the floor, please Pay attention to the distance from the screen, choose the appropriate installation height or choose the appropriate screen size, otherwise you can only raise the height of the projector to project


The PRO P is also punched on the black edge of the screen, which has an acoustic projection function. It is suitable for placing two speakers behind the screen without hindering the spread and expansion of sound.


 Curtain flip


 PRO A Ultra-thin tension screen with Rotate UST ALR material and is only suitable for UST laser projectors to be suspended from the ceiling.

Since the surface of the black grid screen is in the shape of a sawtooth, the black grid adopts black and white prisms, one side absorbs the disturbing ambient light and the other side reflects the projection light emitted by the projector. The white reflective layer is then reflected back into our eyes, while the interfering light from above is absorbed by the black parallel layer.

Difference between PRO and PRO A

So if the projector is installed on the ceiling, the light of the projector will come from above, and the curtain also needs to be flipped upside down to achieve a good projection effect



 PRO PA is also punched on the black edge on the top of the screen, with a sound transmission function

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