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What is a motorized projection screen? What factors need to be considered when choosing a screen?

by ZhouQiaoli 02 Sep 2022 0 Comments

What is an electric projection screen

 Electric projection screen is one of the most common projection screen products. Its structure is complex and mainly depends on the rotation of the motor to run. It can be controlled by a remote control and a manual switch to raise and lower itself. This manual switch can be on the screen or Designed to be attached to the wall, it can be turned on or off by pressing a switch directly on the wall. Or follow the projector to run synchronously through the trigger, which is the most popular way.

The electric projection screen is also divided into a top-down pull-down screen and a bottom-up floor-rise screen.

 The structure of electric projection screen


At present, the most common ones in the market are the sticker case and the aluminum case. The iron case and the aluminum case are quite different in appearance and cost. Many cheap electric screens on the market use iron casings. The aluminum shell is formed by a backlog, and the appearance can be made very beautiful and streamlined, which can better conceal consumers' pursuit of personalization and aesthetics.

All of VIVIDSTORM's motorized screens have aluminium housings. We have adopted a complex-shaped aluminum casing, and the structure of the pendant can be easily realized on the casing, so that the curtain can be installed more conveniently, and the wall hanging rack can also be moved to the most suitable position


The motor is a very important part of the cost of the electric screen, and it is also an important link that affects the quality of the electric screen. There are two main types of electric projection screen motors: synchronous motors and tubular motors

Synchronous motor: small in size, cheap in price, short in life, low in strength and low in sound.
Tubular motor: relatively large, long, expensive, long life, powerful, and loud.

Our vividstorm chooses the tubular motor that best matches the screen to ensure product quality and longevity


Vibration and noise reduction is an important issue in electric projection screens, but it is selectively ignored by most manufacturers, because vibration and noise are unavoidable, and it will also increase the cost of the product. A lot of noise and very vibration are emitted by the motor.

However, with the expansion of the home theater and projection market, people's requirements for products are getting higher and higher. So we follow the pace of the market and pay attention to the issues of shock absorption and noise. Shock-absorbing glue is set at the connection between the two ends of the motor and the casing to reduce the vibration and sound of the motor and increase the user's experience. 


No matter what type of projection screen the screen is, it is the most important part of it. It is not only the final carrier of the picture effect, but also the most important part of the cost of the projection screen. The cost gap of different curtain materials is very large. For example, the price of non-light-resistant and light-resistant curtains is very different. The projection effect is naturally proportional to the price.


 Some sources:

What to consider when buying:

When shopping for the best and most suitable motorized projector screen for your projector, you need to consider the size range of the screen, the type of screen material on the screen surface and the installation method, etc.

Screen size:

When choosing the size of the electric projection screen, in addition to the size of the wall on which the screen is placed, it is also necessary to consider the width of the entire projection space, that is, the viewing distance, to avoid the screen size being too large or too small. It may cause discomfort to the eye screen during shadowing. Another point is to consider the projection ratio of the projector. The projection ratio and projection area of each projector are different, so you must first understand the configuration of the projector before buying a screen.

Curtain material:

 The texture, color and material type of the motorized projection screen surface are important because these factors together affect the image quality of the projected screen.

Generally a white screen gives you the best fidelity, but white is generally not light resistant, and a white screen will only show the best projection in complete darkness, such as our theater white screens and pearlescent white screen (high gain)

And gray screens provide the best contrast. For example, our Obsidian ALR and Obsidian ALR-3D (high gain) suitable for telephoto projectors, both of which have ambient light suppression function, can show clear contrast with appropriate lumen telephoto or short throw projector high picture.

At the same time, a black screen reduces the observed screen gain, which can show truer colors. Our UST ALR S PRO screen suitable for ultra-short-throw projectors has a gain of 0.6 and a light resistance of 90%. With a laser projector with a high reputation, it can restore the authenticity and saturation of the projected picture color, making the picture more realistic Clearer and brighter.


 installation method:

There are two main installation methods: floor-standing and drop-down

The top-down drop-down screen can be installed on the wall or ceiling, or a built-in ceiling drop screen can be made according to the size of the screen. When not in use, the screen can be put away to hide it. save space.

The bottom-up floor-to-ceiling screen can be placed on the floor, on a low table, or hung on the wall by using a wall mount. Now many people choose floor-to-ceiling screens to be embedded in the cabinet, and then use it again. The control switch is automatically raised, which can also play a role in hiding and saving space. When you want to watch a movie in one place, you can directly close the screen and easily move it to another space.

All in all, choosing an electric projection screen is not only beautiful and smart, but also portable and space-saving. It is a good choice.


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