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Unlock a new way of camping - a smart projector and a portable screen together create a unique camping theater

by ZhouQiaoli 23 Sep 2022 0 Comments

Camping has now become a leisure and entertainment method for young people to pursue relaxation. Because there is no need to prepare too much, you can set up tents in nearby parks, wetlands, rivers or even at home to experience the joy of camping. The addition of the projector also unlocks new ways to play camping. You can invite good friends to experience the relaxation of the home theater indoors or experience the charm of the open-air theater outdoors under the stars.

The method of realizing a camping theater is not complicated. Many people will choose to bring a projector, a tent, a table, a few chairs, a movie, and a few good friends, and the wonderful camping experience will begin. . The most important thing is to choose a smart and portable projector, and then match it with an easy-to-install projection screen, which can create a full atmosphere for camping. So what kind of projector and screen can be the best companion for camping? ?

Outdoor Cinema Camping Under the Stars:

If you choose to camp and watch movies outdoors, then the criteria for choosing a projector must be inseparable from the two standards of "brightness" and "portability".

Generally, the brightness of projectors suitable for outdoor use must reach more than 2000 ANSI lumens, so that they can project clear and bright pictures in an environment with a certain brightness that is not completely dark. The ease of camping.

For example, the Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Throw Laser Projector (Dangbei X3), which I recommend to you today, is very suitable for camping. It has a high lumen of 3200ANSI, supports 4K images with 1080P resolution, and the color of the projected images is real. Saturation, the size of the projector is 9.68 x 8.22 x 6.81 inches, the weight is only 10.00 lbs, it is very small and easy to carry, and it is highly intelligent, affordable and cost-effective

And it doesn't choose the placement position. Outdoors, it can be used directly on a stand or on the desktop.


Dangbei Mars Pro is paired with a vividstorm floor-standing tension lift ALR projection screen, a simple and exquisite camping theater is completed, increasing the happiness and experience of the camping experience

 Of course, you can not only camp in the outdoor natural environment, but also set up an open-air camping theater in your own backyard, homestay or hotel pool:

Indoor warm and simple cinema camping:

But there are also more and more people who choose to camp indoors. They don't want to bask in the sun, they don't want to be bitten by mosquitoes, they don't want to take too many tools to set up outdoors., Even if you are alone, you can achieve outdoor camping at home


A BenQ TK850 telephoto projector with 3000 ANSI lumens + a vividstorm 100-inch S ALR screen,Only need a small space of 2.5M to project a 100-inch large screen, plus some outdoor camping equipment, you can easily camp at home and enjoy an indoor camping theater with 4K high-definition image quality at home!

Reminder: (vividstorm projection screen is recommended for indoor use, such as outdoor use, please pay attention to fire, wind, water and sand blowing into the shell)

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