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VIVIDSTORM and Samsung "Eye-Opening" - Samsung TV strategy new product launch conference

by ZhouQiaoli 31 Aug 2022 0 Comments

VIVIDSTORM and Samsung "Eye-Opening" - Samsung TV strategy new product launch conference

On the evening of August 26, China time, the Samsung TV 2022 strategic new product launch conference was successfully held in Hangzhou, China. The theme of the conference was "Eyes-Opening with Samsung", and new products of Micro LED, Neo QLED and Lifestyle series were released at the conference.

A leader in the global television industry.  Samsung is committed to leading the cutting-edge development trend of the future industry with continuous innovation of technology and products, and empowering a smart new life with diversified and customized Samsung TVs. In order to better meet the needs of Chinese consumers, Samsung's new TVs also use a new Tizen system.Through richer application scenarios, a better use ecology, and a smoother multi-device linkage experience, it can meet users' needs for entertainment, work, games, fitness, etc.
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Create an immersive audio-visual feast

At the press conference, the VIVIDSTORM electric black grid floor-raising screen S PRO and Samsung splendid screen series laser TVs were exhibited together.

The Samsung The Premiere series of laser TVs have ultra-high configuration and lumens. With the special structure of UST ALR black grid floor screen with ambient light suppression on the surface of the vividstorm, it can be effectively used in bright indoors with spotlights. Resisting the light from Shangdu, showing clear and colorful projection images, this is because the S PRO screen is made of CBSP A++ grade black screen material from Taiwan, China, and the screen surface is specially designed for light suppression. The structure is enough to highlight the importance of the screen with anti-light function.

VIIVDSTORM joins hands with Samsung projectors to create an immersive audio-visual feast, helping to make Samsung's new product launch a complete success.


Pictures of the exhibition

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