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The S PRO screen was born for ultra-short-throw projectors: how do ultra-short-throw projectors work?

by ZhouQiaoli 28 Oct 2022 0 Comments

The working principle of ultra-short focus

The main working principle of the ultra-short-throw projector is to emit light through the bulb inside the fuselage, relying on the lens in front of the fuselage to refract the light, and then project the desired picture, and can project a large screen within a short distance.

The way to realize the short-focus imaging of the projector is usually to use a short-focus lens and shorten the optical path through reflection, and the most common application at present is to use a short-focus lens.

The projection ratio of ordinary projectors is usually between 1.5-1.9 meters. When the projection ratio is less than 1, we usually call it a short-throw lens, and when the projection ratio is below 0.4, we usually call it an ultra-short-throw lens. . (The distance to project a 100-inch size picture)

Therefore, in a broad sense, ultra-short-throw refers to the lens used in the projector, and has nothing to do with the projector itself. Only projector products equipped with ultra-short-throw short-throw lenses can be called ultra-short-throw projectors.

 Advantages and disadvantages of ultra-short focus


  • Not limited by spatial distance

Ultra-short-throw projectors have a very small throw ratio, and because they have no space constraints, they can maximize the size of the projected image in a small room. If it is a telephoto projector, if you want to project a large picture, you need a very spacious space, and the requirements for the environment are particularly high, and there can be no blocking, such as a movie theater.

  • High brightness and laser light source

The light source of the projector is mainly divided into traditional bulb light source, LED light source, and laser light source. Ultra-short-focus laser projectors mostly use lasers as the light source. The laser light source has the advantages of high brightness, long life, and can be used in the daytime. Compared with light bulb projectors, the use time is longer and the brightness is high. The picture quality is clear.

Generally, the brightness of home laser projectors can reach more than 2000ANSI lumens; the laser projectors used in theaters can even reach more than 4W lumens. And you don't have to worry about its longevity at all, so if you're the kind of user who likes to watch dramas in a brighter living room, a laser projector is for you.

  • Restore brightness as much as possible

The farther the projector is from the wall or curtain, the impact of the projected picture will be affected by ambient light, not only the weakening of the light, but also by the movement of the audience. The ultra-short-throw projector can project the picture at a close distance, and can also retain the brightness of the original picture to a large extent, and reduce the impact of the environment on the projected picture.

  • Reduce screen occlusion to protect eyes,

 During the use of many projectors, when someone passes by, the lens will be blocked and the viewing effect will be affected. Moreover, if there are children at home, they will be curious or carelessly looking directly at the light source of the projector, which may cause eye damage.


  • The price is expensive and needs to be matched with a specific curtain

Most of the ultra-short-throw projectors use laser light sources, and the only disadvantage of laser light sources is that they are relatively expensive. Ultra-short-throw projectors are much more expensive than ordinary home projectors. Ordinary home-use projectors range from a few hundred yuan to nearly ten thousand yuan, but most of the ultra-short-throw projectors cost about tens of thousands of yuan, and they need to be matched with the appropriate price. The effect of the projection screen in the projection direction will be better.

  • Bulky and inconvenient to carry

 Compared with ordinary projectors, ultra-short-throw projectors have complex interiors, cumbersome structures, and larger appearances. They are more for home use or commercial use. They need to be placed in a fixed position and are not suitable for portable or outdoor use.



Exclusive Screen for Ultra Short Throw Projector-S PRO

 Ultra-short-throw laser projectors need to be equipped with a special projection screen to maximize the projection effect, and the mainstream screens suitable for ultra-short-throw projectors on the market are "black grid anti-light screen" and "Fresnel anti-light screen" .

Today we mainly introduce the black grid anti-light curtain. The surface of the black grid anti-light curtain absorbs or resists the interference light from above through the special prism structure of TPU, and parallels the light source projected by the ultra-short-focus projector below. Reflected in the eyes of viewers, it cleverly adapts to the working method of ultra-short-throw projectors, and is one of the best choice curtains for ultra-short-throw projectors!


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