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Home theater with lights on: how to watch my projector during the day or in a bright room

by ZhouQiaoli 27 Oct 2022 0 Comments

 Compared with projectors, there are more people who choose traditional HDTV or LCD TV. One of the most important reasons is that many projectors have particularly high requirements for ambient light. They cannot handle the interference of ambient light and natural light very well, while TVs can The picture will not be blurred and distorted in the light recharge or even outdoor use.

So, how can I use the projector in the daytime or in a bright room and get a good projection effect?

The only way is to deal with the light. This can be achieved by using a high-lumen ultra-bright projector, using blackout curtains, or with an ALR screen.

Shading treatment - solve the problem from the light source

A completely dark environment like a movie theater is the most ideal projection environment for the projector, because the darker it is, the less the reflection of light will be disturbed, and the rendering effect of the picture is also the most realistic. Therefore, unless the lights are turned off at night, or a darker room is specially set up, otherwise, according to the general family environment, it will be affected by the light passing through the doors and windows, and only the light-transmitting place can be shaded. Blackout curtains are a great option!

High-lumen projectors are the best choice

In addition to blocking the light, there is also an effective method to choose a projector with sufficient brightness, because the projector with low lumen is more affected by the ambient light, the best projection effect can be obtained by effectively blocking the light, but when the projector is projected If the lumen of the projector is above 3000, and the brightness difference between the surrounding light and the projector is reduced, the interference to the clarity of the picture will be reduced, and a good picture will naturally be projected. Projectors below 6000 lumens can even do outdoor projection, the only disadvantage is that the higher the lumens, the more expensive the projectors are,The only disadvantage is that the higher the lumen The more expensive the projector

ALR screen effectively suppresses the interference of ambient light

 To reduce distracting light in the room, you can use blackout curtains or turn off all lights. It's great for watching movies, but it doesn't create a convivial atmosphere when you want to watch a big game party with family and friends. This fit requires another solution: ALR ambient light suppression projection screens.

 ALR ambient light is always the choice and use of people who like to watch movies during the day or the viewing room is brighter. The ALR screen has a special optical coating and screen structure, which can selectively reflect the projected light back to the viewer. In the eyes, and the ambient light will be reflected in other directions to prevent the light from interfering with the projected picture.

When the surrounding ambient light and the light of the projector no longer agree with the direction and angle, the projected picture is the best, so it is necessary to correctly place the position of the projector and the irradiation position of the light.

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