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New Product Information: Pearlescent White Cinema Plus Officially Released

by ZhouQiaoli 23 Jun 2022 0 Comments

Today we're dropping our new Pearlescent White Cinema Plus, what does this screen look like

Let us first review how to choose different VIVIDSTORM screens according to your own projector

1. Ultra Short Throw Projector - S PRO
①Real lumens <2000 need to turn off the lights to use
②Real lumens >2000 can be used with lights on

2. Ordinary projectors (including telephoto and short-throw projectors) - S ALR/S ALR-3D/ S white screen/S Pearlescent white screen
①True lumens>2200 S ALR
②Real Lumens 1800-2200 S ALR-3D
③ Real lumens <1800 shimmer using S Pearlescent white screen
④Real lumens <1800 Turn off the lights and use S white screen


Pearlescent White Cinema Plus Screen:

Our new Pearlescent White Cinema Plus Screen is a high gain upgrade version of White Cinema Screen, suitable for projectors with lumens below 1800, but White Cinema Screen can only be used in a light-off environment, with a higher gain Pearlescent White Cinema Plus Screen After that, it can be used in a low-light environment to meet the needs of more customers

The screen structure is like pearls, which can effectively selectively reflect light. Its gain is as high as 1.8, which fully compensates for the disadvantage of insufficient brightness of the projector, and improves the brightness and color contrast of the projected image!


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