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Worried about curling around the edges of the screen? Your projection range is too big! !

by ZhouQiaoli 24 Jun 2022 1 comment

We have always noticed that in many professional forums, social platforms, and even our own customers, there have been feedbacks about the curling of the edge of the screen affecting the edge projection image.

We have given many explanations about this problem. In order to let customers who like our screens and want to know our screens better understand our screens, please read the instructions and solutions carefully.

Get to know our screen setup

The size setting range of our VIVIDSTORM projection screen is 72-180 inches, but except for the S PRO black grid screen, its maximum size is 120 inches

In the details page of each of our products, there are parameter charts of screen size and weight.

But when we say 72-120 inches, the size here refers to the projection area of the projector to the screen, and our screen has considered the edge of the screen when it is made, so the actual area of each screen will be The projected area is larger. What we delineate with a white dotted line in the parameter map is the maximum area that can be used by the projector.

For example: For a 120-inch screen, the actual projection area of 120 inches refers to the product of the white dotted line width (W) 2656 and height (H) 1730, but often many projector owners are accustomed to projecting the projected image to the very edge of the screen. In fact, the projected area of ​​120 inches has been exceeded, and the edge curling phenomenon will occasionally occur.


Narrowing the projection range of the projector is the only solution. Only by controlling the projection screen within the actual dotted line projection range, you can have a good viewing experience.


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1 comment

22 Mar 2023 ken Hupp
Do you make a 180 inch screen that works with house klghts on or off.

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