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Home theater serie- EleHome theater seriesctric Tension Floor Screen With Ultra Short Throw Ambient Light Rejecting Material

by ZhouQiaoli 02 Aug 2022 0 Comments

Electric Tension Floor Screen With UST ALR(Ultra Short Throw Ambient Light Rejecting)Material

The screen surface of S PRO is made of black grid anti-light material, which is made into a zigzag-shaped screen with a special process. He is a corner-reflecting CLR®/ALR front projection material for ultra-short throw projectors.

S PRO screen structure:

The black grid adopts black and white prisms, one side absorbs the disturbing ambient light and the other side reflects the projection light emitted by the projector. The white slope is the reflective layer. The light from the projector is projected from the bottom to the top on the white reflective layer and then reflected to our in the eye, and the interfering light from above is absorbed by the black parallel layer.

The black grid adopts a sawtooth structure, which can better achieve imaging and light resistance. The overall picture effect is clean and non-reflective. You can feel the existence of the sawtooth structure by gently touching the screen surface with your hand, but the screen surface cannot be scratched, and it is easy to It will damage the coating or sawtooth structure on the surface of the screen. The entire screen is relatively fragile and requires good maintenance.

 S PRO screen brightness

The common gain of the screen with black gate structure is 0.4-0.5. The order is to coat the original black gate film, which can not only correct the color temperature of the original film, but also improve the gain. The gain of S PRO is 0.6, and it also enhances the brightness and color of the screen through layers, making it present the most suitable effect

 S PRO screen viewing angle

The S PRO screen structure is a parallel prism structure. The advantage of this structure is that there is almost no viewing angle problem. No matter it is the front or side, no matter where you are, the brightness of the screen is the same, which greatly increases the viewing area. , which also makes the S PRO ust alr screen a tailor-made screen for home theater


Image from:Android Basha | أندرويد باشا

To build your own home theater, having a light-resistant screen is a must, and enjoy movies and game time with the big screen.

Product link for 120 inch S PRO UST ALR screen:

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