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Home theater intelligent upgrade settings: Simultaneous Operation of Projector and Motorized Projection Screen

by ZhouQiaoli 27 Oct 2022 0 Comments

With the popularity and development of home theaters, many people now reserve a room at home for home entertainment audio-visual venues, and for home theater fanatics and connoisseurs, they have a high-lumen projector, and then match it with A 4K HD projection screen with ambient light suppression is already a basic must-have.

Even those who have strict requirements on sound and layout will configure additional speakers or directly call professional home theater installers to design and install them. Now everyone is keen to pursue the simultaneous opening and closing of the projector and the screen, so as to free up both hands and make projection more intelligent and convenient.

Realize the intelligence of home theater, so that the simultaneous operation of the projector and the screen can be easily realized with only one "trigger"

What is Projector and Screen Synchronization?

Simply put, when you turn on the projector, the projection screen will receive the trigger information and turn on with the projector to automatically raise or lower (depending on the type of screen); when the projector is turned off, the projection screen will also be turned on. Automatically stows or falls. With this feature, there is no need to press a manual switch or operate through a notification remote like a normal pair of motorized screens.

The working principle of the wireless trigger: 

when the projector is turned on, the trigger inserted on the body detects that there is current passing through the AC input of the projector, the trigger automatically transmits a wireless signal to the electric projection screen, and the electric projection screen automatically starts the meeting; After the projector is turned off, the trigger detects that there is no current passing through the AC input of the projector, and the trigger automatically transmits a wireless signal to the electric projection screen to turn off the screen.

Because the wireless trigger transmits information through wireless communication, it is not necessary to plug it in to work normally, but to match the trigger with the electric projection screen.

It should be noted that different electric screens are suitable for different triggers, and wireless triggers are not compatible with every projector, so be sure to go to the official website of the projector or electric projection screen to buy.

Types of triggers: triggers are divided into wireless triggers and wired triggers

Trigger pairing method:

  • Wireless Trigger:

1. Take out the USB trigger and power bank. and plug it in and make sure the USB trigger is powered.

2. Prepare a pen or sharp object to point to the password hole.

3. Turn on the power and press the password hole with the pen at the same time. Need to press twice quickly, the second long press
(The screen will make 5 clicks at this point).

4. Now use the USB trigger to simulate the projector startup effect.
Then there is the effect of turning off the projector.

  • Wired Trigger:

1. Please connect the new trigger to the power cord of the projector.
2. Find something sharp and insert a hole in the back of the trigger. ( when insert the hole and turn on the screen at the same time. )
3. Press one seconds slightly and then long press, it will emit five sounds.


PLEASE NOTE: Purchase of VIVIDSTORM motorized projection screen comes with a trial version of the wireless trigger, not all projectors are compatible.



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