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TV or Projector ?Which one is more your home theater setup?

by ZhouQiaoli 26 Oct 2022 0 Comments

If you have room to spare in your home, then there's the thought of building and setting up a home theater or other home entertainment setup, especially if you already have an old home theater system that you've been dying to upgrade. One of the first decisions you make is whether to buy a TV or a projector, because every time you sit down to watch a TV show or movie, the monitor you use can have a huge impact on your experience.

To help you make an informed decision, we can take a look at the key differences between projectors and TVs, including their pros and cons and the deciding factors for your choice

The difference between TV and projector


  • Brightness: In a room that is always bright or well-lit, to ensure the image is bright enough to be clearly visible, a TV may be a better choice. 


  • Applications: Many modern TVs include many smart features and systems, such as Netflix. But now many projectors can already achieve


  • Sound: While most projectors also have speakers, TVs generally have better sound quality. But in any case, when there is no road, the sound effect of the TV or the projector is not as good as that of a separate speaker.


  • Channels: The TV features a built-in tuner, so you can watch TV shows for free when you turn on the TV. Projectors need to be plugged into a set-top box or streaming device such as GoogleTV.



  • Image Size: The biggest difference between a TV and a projector is the size of the image you can get. The projector can obtain a huge picture of more than 72 inches, and even reach the size of 180 and 200. And home TV TVs are usually around 50 inches to 70 inches. And the price will be more expensive.


  • Installation: The projector is more portable and easy to install. Most projectors weigh between 5-10kg and can be easily moved to the living room, bedroom or office. Large-sized TVs can weigh up to 100kg or more, and require professionals to install them. Once installed, they cannot be changed or moved.


  • Projectors are cheaper. You can get a 100-inch projector for a fraction of the price of a 100-inch TV.


  • Eye protection: The imaging principle of the projector and the screen is to image by reflected light, which is better for the viewer's eyes. This protects the eyes more than the direct light of the electric screen.


  • Experience: The effect and experience of watching movies on a large-size projection screen will be stronger than that on a small-size TV

Data reference:


Summary - how to choose

In the battle between projector and screen and TV, TV is often easier to win, but this and the result is very normal, because TV does not have a lot of space requirements for Guanyin, and the cost is lower, which It is also the reason why more ordinary families will choose TV.

Nonetheless, in a home theater setting, the viewing experience of a projection screen is something that TVs cannot satisfy, if you are a home theater fanatic and have strong purchasing determination, patience, and financial reserves to make it happen. Then owning and setting up the projector and screen can be surprisingly satisfying, and can even be used outdoors to start a movie night with friends

If you want to know more about projection and screen consultation, you can check the link



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