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Which is better, soft screen or screen of ALR projection screen? What's the difference between the two?

by ZhouQiaoli 29 Jul 2022 0 Comments

Which is better, soft screen or screen of ALR projection screen? What's the difference between the two?

There are many newbies who are new to projectors and projection screens. They always worry about or "step on the pit" in the selection and purchase of projectors and screens. After selecting a projector, some people find that the projector is projected on a white wall. The effect is not as good as expected, so I started to choose a screen that is my own projector. At that time, with the continuous development of the home audio and video industry, there have been many different materials and types of projection screens. Among them, there are soft screens and hard screens. Let us understand the difference between the two screen materials.


Projection soft screen, the screen material is soft, the screen material can be curled, generally used for electric screen or picture frame.

The soft screen is mainly made of glass fiber, glass beads, gray screen and white screen. The color of the projection screen is brighter, the viewing angle is larger, and the installation is convenient.

The projection hard screen is like a fixed painting. The material of the screen is hard and cannot be curled and deformed. It needs to be mounted on the wall with a hanger. In appearance, it looks like a TV without speakers and a large size. white wall

The hard screen is mainly made of metal, glass and other materials. The screen surface is flat, which is suitable for the projection environment of competition, but the viewing angle is small, and professional installation is required.

Service life:

The service life of the soft curtain is short, and the curtain is easily damaged, but it is easier to replace the curtain. If it is damaged, it can be replaced directly

The service life of the hard screen is relatively long, and the material coating is thick, but once it is broken, the entire screen is scrapped


The projection soft screen is thin and light, it is very convenient to transport, and the installation steps are simpler, but it is easy to be scratched during use

Hard screen screens are bulky and weigh far more than soft screens, making transportation and handling more difficult.


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