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Do you know how to clean your screen?

by ZhouQiaoli 07 May 2022 0 Comments

Projection screens also require routine maintenance and cleaning

There will be a lot of dust and dirt in life that will adhere to the screen, or because there are children, pets, etc. at home, the screen will be accidentally dirty when the screen is turned on.

So how do you clean the screen when it is dusty or dirty? Is the cleaning method the same for different screens?

The first case: daily dust

If it is just ordinary dust, it can be cleaned with the cleaning brush we ship with the screen

If it is just ordinary dust, it can be cleaned with the cleaning brush we ship with the screen

Follow the lines on the screen to gently sweep, and use a flashlight or lamp to see it more clearly

If you encounter stubborn dust or smudges, you can use the cleaning brush not to hurry. You can use the cleaning stickers provided in our accessories to stick the stolen things away.

Please note: Because the S PRO black grid anti-light curtain is a sawtooth structure, it needs to be swept horizontally to avoid damage.

The second case: oil stains or stubborn stains

If you encounter stubborn stains that cannot be removed with cleaning brushes and cleaning stickers, please use a dust-free cloth (or a relatively smooth cloth), dipped in a little water and wipe gently

Note: Different screens have different cleaning methods

1、The white screen and the Obsidian Long focus ALR screen are smooth and unstructured, so they can be wiped with a clean damp cloth, wiped off the stains, and then blown dry with cold air before being put away.

2、Ultra Short Throw ALR screen needs to be dipped in clean water with a clean lint-free cloth, and wiped gently in a horizontal manner. Do not use too much force to avoid scratching the serrations. Yes, the screen will become wrinkled and uneven, and the metal coating on the screen surface will be applied. erased, as shown below

When encountering oil stains, you can use a little detergent to wipe gently on a clean cloth, then use clean water to wipe off the bubbles on the surface, wipe it clean and dry it with cold air, then put it away

1. First remove with cleaning brush and cleaning sticker
2, can not be removed, wipe gently with a clean damp cloth
3. When encountering oil stains, add some detergent, wipe it again with water after wiping
4. After all the screens are wet, they must be dried with cold air
5. Ultra Short Throw ALR screen must be cleaned horizontally
6. Do not wipe with a paper towel. Wiping with a paper towel with water will remove a lot of paper scraps.

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