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What type of screen cannot be installed in front of a window (backlight)

by ZhouQiaoli 05 May 2022 0 Comments

Have you ever thought about placing the projection screen in front of the window to watch movies?

But not every projection screen is suitable

Otherwise, there will be a very poor viewing effect - light transmission

The following are screens that cannot be used in front of a window

S ALR/ALR Electric Tension Floor Screen

The front and back of the ALR screen are gray. If the light behind is too strong, the gray screen cannot block the light, causing the light to penetrate the screen and appear like the picture.

1、The light is concentrated in the middle of the screen, forming a strong contrast with the surrounding area. The projected picture in the middle will be blurred due to the strong light, and it is easy for the eyes to watch.

2、Due to the light transmission of the screen, food such as blinds behind the screen will appear on the projection screen, which will seriously affect the projection screen.

Perforated sound-transparent screen

All perforated screens cannot be placed in the position of the backlight, because there are many small holes on the screen surface of the sound-transmitting screen, and the light will definitely penetrate from the back, causing the phenomenon of light transmission.

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