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What is the difference between the black grid anti-light curtain PRO and PRO A?

by ZhouQiaoli 09 May 2022 0 Comments
Born For Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector
Building a luxury HD home theater

When you want to buy a black grid anti-light falling screen PRO for your ultra-short throw projector ceiling-mounted, why is it always recommended to choose the PRO A with the screen inverted?


Screen Material Features:
Uitra Short Throw Ambient Light Rejecting Screen Material The interference light source above is absorbed by the TPU special prism, and the light source projected by the laser TV below is reflected in parallel.

So PRO is suitable for ultra-short-throw projectors placed under the screen for projection


When the projector is suspended, due to the special prismatic structure design of the screen, the light source will illuminate from above, and a large part of the light will be absorbed by the black part of the prism structure of the screen. Eyes, there will be a very dark shadow effect.

Therefore, when the ultra-short-throw projector is suspended, the screen can be reversed, but it is not recommended to turn on the ceiling light, otherwise there will be no reflective effect, but the table lamp and floor lamp can be turned on.

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