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Do Ultra Short Throws projector need a special UST projector screen?

by WangCora 19 Aug 2021 4 Comments

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When it comes to projection, the projector is only half of the equation. The other half is the surface it’s projected on. If you want the best picture quality you need a projector screen. It’s no different when it comes to a laser TV.

Technically speaking a UST projector can work on any surface. However the picture quality degrades significantly. If you want the true 4K UHD video experience in your living room you need a specifically designed ultra short throw projector screen.

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An ultra short throw projection screen has a few features that make it the ideal pairing with a laser TV. These properties include Ambient Light Rejection (ALR), screen size, and screen gain.


An Ambient Light Rejecting projector screen is the best feature for a UST because it blocks light from sources other than your laser TV. 

The ALR screen uses an angular reflective surface to reflect ambient light from higher angles while reflecting light from the projector towards the viewer. This gives you a much brighter picture where a regular projection display will look dull and washed out in a room with higher levels of ambient light. 

Screen Gain

A projection screen works by reflecting the light back from the projector to your audience’s eyes. The reflectivity of that surface is a measurement called Gain. 

The higher the gain the more light that gets reflected. The lower the gain, the more light that gets absorbed by the screen.

Now you might think that for a UST screen you’d want to have a higher gain screen because more light means a brighter image, right? In fact, lower gain is better for a laser TV screen. The reason for this is that a low gain screen reflects not just the projector at a diminished ratio but also the ambient light. This allows the ultra short throws to perform better in a well lit apartment or den.

Thanks to their brightness, the light cast from the laser projection tv easily overcomes the diminished brightness of the low gain projector screen.

Another reason a low gain screen pairs well with a UST is that a screen with lower gain will absorb more light eliminating hot spotting.

keep in mind that a more expensive screen will give you much better picture quality (and frankly just look better in your home theater). 

If you want to get the absolute best out of your ultra short throw laser TV you need to get a premium screen.




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07 Sep 2023 Oscar
I have a controlled light room and have a optoma ust projector can I use the white cinema screen for my projector
22 Mar 2023 George woods
Will a 80 inch projector screen be compatible with the hisense pro x1 projector. Thank you.
11 Apr 2022 Marc Antonio Vieux
I am looking for the best UST ALR screen with a low gain PRO Electric Tension Floor unit for a 120-inch diagonal surface. I am searching out the best tri-laser UST HD 4K-8K; 1080 projector new on the market to match. Deliverable to Manila Philippines.

Please advise.


05 Nov 2021 Deepak
Thanks for the article that is based on the operation of a short throw projector. For the short throw projector owners, these tips are very useful. However, sadly I do not have a short throw projector because it is out of my budget. I am planning to buy in the coming months as well.

Admin –

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