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How to choose projector screen material?

by WangCora 27 Aug 2021 0 Comments

The choice of projector screen material depends on the model of your projector,light environment,the installation method. Then choose which projector screen material is perfect for you.

There are some suggestions that choose projector screen for reference.

1.The gain of glassfiber screen material is high,so it is better to choose the lumens of projector less than 1000, or the picture will be whitish.

The ALR absidian long throw ambient light rejecting sreen material is better to choose the lumens of projector more than 1500. If the lumens of the projector is too low,the pictures also be dark even in the dark light environment.

The ultra short throw screen material and black diamond screen material just fits with ultra short throw projector. If choose long throw projector with the ust screen material, that is a stupid choice and waste the money.

2.The flatness of the projector screen surface

White plastic,glassfiber can not be made tensioned screen,the flatness will not be good after use a while.

3. The light environment

White plastic,glassfiber,white cinema PVC are not suitable for daytime use. The effect is better in dark environment.

4. Installation method

Black diamond only can make fixed frame screen,only VIVIDSTORM make floor stand rollable ultra short throw screen.


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