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Comparison test of BenQ TK850 projection screen and white wall: Are you still projecting white wall?

by ZhouQiaoli 18 Aug 2022 1 comment

Products used in this test:

Projector: BenQ TK850 4K Home Entertainment Projector

Compare screens:
1. Vividstorm Obsidian Long Throw ALR screen
2. Vividstorm White Cinema Material screen

Comparison sample curtain materials: ALR, ALR-3D, White Cinema, earlescent White Cinema Plus (left to right)

First, let's understand the configuration of BenQ TK850  Projector:

  • 4K UHD resolution with 8.3 million pixels and HDR-PRO™ technology

  • Reaches 98% of Rec. 709 Color Space for accurate colors

  • Specially designed Sports Mode for full immersion

Brightness (ANSI Lumens)  3000
Native Resolution 4K Ultra HD 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160)
Native aspect ratio 16:9
Contrast ratio (FOFO) 30,000:1
Display color 30 bits 30 bits (1.07 billion colors)
Picture Modes 3D, Bright, Cinema, HDR, HLG, Mute, Motion, User, Vivid TV
Projection System DLP

Source BenQ official website:

Check out the unboxing video:


Are you still projecting white wall?

Maybe there are many friends who think that there is no need to spend a huge investment to buy a screen, and the effect of direct projection on the white wall of the house is just as good. Of course, we are not against the opposite. After all, when you are in a completely dark environment, no matter what kind of curtain is projected, the effect is no different from that of a white wall, because this is the most suitable environment for projection.

When you want to use the light or like to use the projector in a bright environment during the day, when you are tired of some ambient light interfering with your projection effect, or because the white wall is not flat enough and free of impurities, the importance of the projection screen becomes apparent.

In this test, the comparison between white curtain and white wall, ALR and white wall, and comparison of white curtain and ALR are used to see the difference between the projection to the screen and the projection to the white wall, as well as the difference between light resistance.

White Cinema Material vs. White Wall

Turn on the lights Turn off the lights

 The White Cinema Material screen is suitable for ordinary projectors with lumens below 1800, while the BenQ TK850's lumens is 3000, which is enough.

As can be seen from the picture, compared to the white wall (left), White Cinema Material has more rich and layered colors, and the contrast and resolution of the projected picture are also higher, resulting in a clearer overall imaging effect, while The picture of the white wall is relatively blurry, and the light is not concentrated, the color contrast is relatively weak, and the eyes will be more easily fatigued after watching for a long time.

But it is obvious that the effect of the screen and the white wall is not much different under the condition of turning off the lights.

Obsidian Long Throw ALR vs. White Wall

 Turn on the lights Turn off the lights


 The Obsidian Long Throw ALR is suitable for long-throw or short-throw projectors with lumens above 2300. It is the most suitable screen for BenQ TK850 projectors, and the ALR screen is based on special optical materials and layers. The effect of ambient light suppression can also have a good projection effect during the day.

From the image, the contrast between the ALR screen and the white wall is much more obvious than the contrast between the white screen and the white wall, because the White Cinema Material itself is not suitable for use in a too bright environment, so the contrast is not very obvious. The effect projected on the ALR screen is better than the white wall in terms of color saturation, realism, brightness, contrast and clarity of the picture.

Similarly, the difference between using the projection screen in the light-off environment has become smaller.


 Obsidian Long Throw ALR VS White Cinema Material


 Obsidian Long Throw ALR White Cinema Material


Under the conditions of bright light during the day, the ALR screen with ambient light suppression has a clearer imaging effect, a more focused picture, and a stronger contrast than the White Cinema Material, which fully reflects the effect and importance of anti-light

Comparison of four curtain materials

The picture below is a comparison of four curtain materials in a darker room; from the right are ALR, ALR-3D, White Cinema, earlescent White Cinema Plus

Note: All the above pictures are taken manually, which will affect the shooting picture due to some angle deviations


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1 comment

22 Sep 2022 Serefin Bugeja

Please recommend best projector screen and material for use with XGIMI Horizon Pro with the following conditions-
Throw distance is approximately 4.8m
It is high ambient light room. Open glass walls.
I watch sports and movies. day and night time


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