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Scene measurement: Where does the projection effect of the VIVIDSTORM screen improve on the white wall?

by ZhouQiaoli 16 Aug 2022 0 Comments

Can a flat white wall replace a projection screen?

If you want to build a home theater, whether it is home or professional, you need to make a certain investment. The first and most important thing is the choice of projector and projection screen. It is often asked why there are free resources that can be projected onto a white wall instead of spending a lot of money to buy a projection screen with the same effect.

Of course, the answer is yes, you can choose to project on the wall, but the projected effect of the harvest cannot have too high requirements, because the white wall cannot perfectly display the picture of your projector.


Disadvantages of home projector projecting on a white wall:

1. The reflection performance of white walls is poor
The projection screen has special optical materials and soil layers in order to improve its reflective performance, such as increasing gain, expanding viewing angle, increasing resolution, enhancing contrast, enhancing color reproduction and so on. However, white walls do not have these properties at all. The image on the white wall is not as good as on the screen in terms of brightness, contrast and color saturation.

2. White walls are easily polluted
The white wall has been used for a long time, it is inevitable to be polluted, and even discolored. That is, the picture is dirty, flawed or even "scratched". If you move the projector lightly, you will find that these affected areas do not move with the picture, which means that it is left by the wall.

3. White wall without border
It can improve viewing attention and picture contrast, and can improve the visual quality of the picture itself. If the picture is displayed within a black border, it will appear brighter and more prominent, avoiding the surrounding influence.



The benefits of choosing a projection screen


Many people choose to project the projector directly on the wall to watch, and many projectors also support the projection of white walls. The industry stipulates that the gain of a matt white wall is 1, which means that the white wall and the white plastic screen with a gain of 1 have the same projection effect.

However, the curtain is made of special optical materials, which will have an obvious gain effect compared to the white wall. Especially when the light is strong, the curtain can bring better gain to the projection picture. The white wall has no gain effect on the projected picture, and the dark pattern and smudge of the white wall will also affect the projection effect of the actual picture.


Imaging effect:

Affected by the gain, the white wall has no gain, because the projected image on the wall is relatively stiff, the color will be relatively flat, and there is no anti-light ability, which is more seriously affected by ambient light.

The projection screen can choose the size of the gain according to the brightness of the projector. The screen with the gain presents a brighter picture, more saturated colors and rich layers, and the ALR screen, which is particularly popular now, has ambient light suppression, which can Effectively resist the interference of external light, and the projection effect will not be bad even in the daytime

 If you buy an entry-level home projector with lower performance and brightness, you need a projection screen to neutralize the projection effect. If you project it to a white wall, you will only get a worse viewing effect.

The difference can be clearly seen by looking at the contrast between the vividstorm S PRO screen and the white wall projection


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