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Why can the ALR screen only be centered and projected, and what will be the impact of side projection?

by ZhouQiaoli 24 Oct 2022 0 Comments

What does side projection of the projector mean?


Projector side projection means that the light source projected by the projector is not perpendicular to the screen or white wall, and the angle with the projected picture is not a right angle of 90°C, but the projector needs to perform keystone correction after side projection, and some models of projectors do not support side projection. Function.


What are the requirements for a projector to achieve side projection?

This requires the projector to have a horizontal and vertical keystone correction function to correct the irregular picture into a regular rectangular picture

Because most low-end projectors or portable projectors claim to support keystone correction, they actually only have keystone correction in the vertical direction and do not support keystone correction in the horizontal direction. When the screen becomes trapezoidal when placed on the right, it cannot be corrected by itself, that is, side projection is not supported.


How ALR Screens Work

An ALR screen is a screen that can effectively suppress the interference of ambient light at all times, selectively reflecting the light emitted by the projector back to the viewer, so that the projected picture is brighter than what is usually the case with a normal projection screen.

ALR screens achieve this effect by pairing a suitable projector with the screen to establish a good positioning until the light from the device is reflected to the viewer or audience. At the same time, ambient light is reflected in other directions to prevent it from blocking or interfering with the projected picture. This also makes it unnecessary for moviegoers to turn off the lights and live in a dark room, and can use it even in the daytime and in well-lit situations.


Why does ALR screen not support side projection?

ALR screens are most effective when the projector's light and ambient light come from different directions, that is, when the projector's light is perpendicular to the screen.

ALR screens use special materials and structures to maximize rejection of ambient light and maximize reflectivity of projector light to ensure maximum viewing quality and satisfaction. The brightest part of any projection screen is the central point of viewing. However, the screen can only work to the fullest when the projector is positioned correctly and where you are viewing the movie, as well as the lighting in your room. When you move to either side or off-axis, the brightness of the projection will change. reduce.


So, keep the projector's location in mind. ALR screens have unique properties that make it critical to place the display device within the correct projection angle relative to the screen, especially if your projector does not have horizontal keystone correction.

 Side shot effect

Forward projection effect


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