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Do I need to use an ALR screen/grey screen in a dark room? Will the effect be the same as a projected white screen?

by ZhouQiaoli 19 Oct 2022 0 Comments

The choice between gray screen/ALR screen and white screen is always in dispute

How different screen materials work

Gray screens are called "high contrast screens". Here's how it works: a gray screen can absorb more ambient light than a white screen, and white screens don't have this light resistance, so a gray screen can keep the black level on the screen, and the white on the screen can still remain white, black It is due to the reduction of ambient light interference and becoming darker, which directly leads to an increase in black and white contrast on the screen, thereby achieving the purpose of improving contrast.

In general, the gray screen can absorb more ambient light than the white screen, show better contrast, and bring a certain amount of ambient light suppression in the case of poor shading conditions.

Will a gray screen affect the color of the reflected image?

 People often misunderstand gray screens, and people are used to the color of the screen reflected by the artificial gray screen is not true to the color reflected by the white screen, especially on the reflected white. In fact, the degree of white saturation of the reflection is determined by the brightness of the projector. If the lumen of the projector is not high enough, and a large-size image or a low-gain screen is projected, the color of the projected image will be desaturated and unclear. The phenomenon. So, no matter whether you use a gray or white screen, if the brightness of the projector and the size and gain of the screen do not match, the reflected white display will not be white enough and the picture contrast will be low.

So don't doubt the whiteness of a gray screen, as it depends on whether the projector's reflected light provides enough brightness. But for a gray screen with a low gain of less than 1, a projector with a higher lumen is required.

Whether you need to use anti-light curtain

There are many different voices and suggestions on whether or not to choose an anti-light screen. Please don’t follow the crowd and choose a screen that suits you according to your actual projected ambient light. If your room has a lot of light coming from different directions, then you'd better choose a brighter projector with a gray screen/ALR screen with anti-light effect.

If you are in a dark room, you can directly choose a more cost-effective white screen. After all, the darker the environment, the better the effect of different screen projectors will be, and the gap will be smaller, but many projection spaces are difficult to achieve Complete darkness, so it all depends on the buyer's economic situation and the pursuit of the projection screen!

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