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Which is the best choice UST ALR floor rising screen for UST laser projector? Screen Competition

by ZhouQiaoli 19 Sep 2020 0 Comments

1.Recognition from the projection distance of the projector:

Since the general projection direction of the projector is linear projection, the ultra-short-throw projector can realize ultra-short focal length projection due to the special reflection design inside, and can project a large picture at a small distance. This is the most straightforward distinction.

Summary: A projector that can project a 100-inch image within 0.4 meters is

defined as “Ultra short throw laser projector”

pic: ust laser projector

2.Identify from the lens position of the projector

Generally, the lens of the projector is on the outside of the fuselage. The lens of the Ultra short throw laser projector is generally on the top of the projector, most of which are in the slot. Of course there is also a convex design.

Conclusion: Roughly Judge the “Ultra short throw laser project or” from the lens position.

3. It can also be recognized from other internal configurations, such as the use of light sources such as DLP or LCOS. The projector comes with smart movie-watching system (generally android system), Wifi, audio and other functions.

Laser TV = high-brightness laser light source


ultra-short throw projection distance

pic: ust laser projector 2

 Summary: Compared with ordinary projectors, UST Laser projector is fully functional.

Brief summary

 Summary: Compared with ordinary projectors, UST Laser projector is fully functional.

ognized from other internal configurations, such as the use of light sources such as DLP or LCOS. The projector comes with smart movie-watching system (generally android system), Wifi, audio and other functions.

Brief summary:

Laser TV = high-brightness laser light source  + ultra-short throw projection distance

The biggest advantage of the Ultra short throw Laser projector is the anti-ambient light, but how to achieve this?

 Since the projection method of UST laser projector is angled projection, due to the internal reflection lens design, the image is generally projected upwardly, which is different from the direct projection of ordinary projectors:

pic: ust laser projector 3

Because this kind of projector has a screen projection angle problem, it is about 45 degrees angle projection. Therefore, a special screen fabric was designed for this purpose, called UST ALR  Screen fabric and Fresnel (Fresnel can be searched on Google). The screen has a sawtooth design, and the sawtooth is attached to the projection angle of the projector to directly help projection images directly into people’s eyes. At the same time, a light-resistant layer is designed on the screen fabric, which can effectively block or absorb ambient light.

pic: ust laser projector 4

If your projector is mounted on the ceiling, the screen material can be upside down, but the ambient light cannot be blocked, because the projector and the light come from the same direction, so you can only turn off the lights to watch the movie, but the picture effect is better than ordinary screens)

So, now you knew that if you use a UST laser projector, you need to use a special screen to get the best results. The most popular UST screen type is the motorized screen. and the coolest and popular is the Floor rising type.

Below we going to see some difference UST screen material:

pic: vividstorm alr floor rising screen 2

pic: ust laser projector 5

Therefore, after you see the image of the screen material compare, you will know there are several companies on the market that are deceiving consumers by introducing screens without special structures to customers to use, saying they can be used.

Due to technical problems, Most could not assemble a motorized floor screen with UST ALR screen material, so they used white screens, gray screens, or long-throw focal ALR(Black crystal) screens material. Most will cheating consumers and tell customers which their black crystal(due to this screen material color will more similar to Right UST ALR screen material) is also can be used with UST projector, and also tell the customer that using those fake screens with UST projector to projected still can have a great projected effect. But you know this only suitable for the projector.

According to the Above description of the UST projector and UST Floor Projection screen, So below we will compare two prevalent UST projection screen because many people ask me what the difference between them and which one is better. so Let’s get into today’s topic it is the VIVIDSTORM VS other screens competition.

pic: ust laser projector 6

pic: ust laser projector 7


VIVIDSTORM ( is more worthy of recommendation.Technically, VIVIDSTORM is even better because their experience in manufacturing this product is from Since 2008, they have been posting goods to other suppliers. Their company’s predecessor was GRAND SCREEN, Until these 2 years, they started their own B2C business.

Finally, this only represents my personal opinion. If you have any objections to the above description, please leave a message in the comment area and let us discuss it together.

All information and pictures about the projector and screen are from the Internet (if there is any infringement, please contact and delete in time)

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