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🔔🎄🎅Top Christmas gifts for home theater dreamers - have a different Christmas with your family

by ZhouQiaoli 21 Dec 2022 1 comment

Christmas is coming soon, and it is destined to be a simple but extraordinary day. The joyful and warm atmosphere and beautiful and unique decorations of Christmas are the reasons why people like and yearn for it.

Have you figured out how to spend time with family and friends?

In order to make the gatherings of family and friends more festive, people have started Christmas-themed decorations at home. In addition to Christmas trees, Christmas stockings, Christmas-themed tableware, candle holders and lighting decorations, you also need a projector to embellish and enhance the warm atmosphere and happiness of the whole family, and spend a different and unique Christmas with family and friends!!

 It's time to upgrade your home theater setup. On Christmas Eve, update a projector with higher brightness and a larger projection screen, and hold a warm and fun Christmas party with family and friends! Watch movies together, play songs, play games, and project Christmas-themed images to decorate the room!



During the period of looking forward to Christmas together, VIVIDSOROEM's Christmas discounts have been launched in advance! ! !🎄

Not only are all projection screens 5% off this Christmas, we're also launching new products and bundles to give you even more options for upgrading your cinema setup:Merry Christmas 5% Off Discount Code: 🔔VMRYCSMD5🔔

 The AWOL VISION LTV-3500 with S PRO screen super-value discount package lasts until the end of December, buy a 100-inch S PRO floor-mounted screen, and get an AWOL VISION laser projector with high lumens for an extra +$3640, which is better than separate What a bargain to buy a projector and screen!


 The most surprising thing is that VIVIDSTORM Motorized Laser TV Cabinet- Monte Carlo has been launched! ! ! This cabinet is compatible with all kinds of ultra-short-throw laser projectors. Quickly combine your projector and screen to make your theater setup more intelligent and advanced!


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1 comment

11 May 2023 Daven
Should I turn power off when not in use or can I always leave power button on.

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