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Extending the Life of Motorized Projection Screens - Daily Screen Care and Cleaning

by ZhouQiaoli 14 Dec 2022 2 Comments

Self-made home theater has become a very common phenomenon. Projectors and projection screens are no longer specialized, but have become widespread and more common. Now many families have a projector and screen. However, compared with TV screens, projection screens are relatively more fragile and need maintenance, because the maintenance and cleaning of projection screens have also become hot topics of discussion and attention.

 Care of the projection screen:

 1. Keep it closed when not in use

After the projector screen is turned on and used, try not to keep it on for a long time, because the light emitted by the projector is likely to attract dust on the screen, and there will also be a lot of impurities and dust in the projection environment, and it is easy to keep the screen off if it is not running. It is the motor or the bracket that becomes smooth, so you need to have a good habit of closing it after use


 2. Do not frequently control the screen to run up and down

Of course, for the convenience of controlling the lifting and lowering of the screen, it is necessary to run the screen frequently, but try to avoid continuous lifting and lowering in a short period of time, which will easily cause the motor and motor to overheat, and thermal protection will cause the screen to temporarily fail to operate. Will recover after cooling down

 3. Avoid scratches from sharp objects

The curtain material of the ALR projection screen is relatively soft and fragile, and the screen is the most important and most valuable part of the whole screen. Avoid sharp and hard objects touching the screen during use, so as not to scratch the screen and cause irreparable damage. s consequence. Especially if there are some families with children or pets, it is necessary to pay attention to the location of the placement.

4. Handle with care and keep it horizontal

Due to the large size of the projection screen, the overall shape will be relatively long and the weight will be relatively heavy. Generally, the shell of the screen is made of aluminum alloy. The electric projection screen uses a tubular motor to work, avoid vertical placement, it is easy to make the screen motor shift and affect the use of the screen 


 Cleaning of the projection screen:

 The screens we send will come with cleaning accessories, including cleaning brushes and cleaning stickers used to remove foreign matter adsorbed on the screen surface. These two tools can be used for daily cleaning, sweeping away dust along the texture of the screen



2. Vacuum cleaner or dust can be used with air gun

If there is a lot of dust on the screen, you can use a vacuum cleaner or an air gun to blow away the debris on the screen to keep the screen clean. If there are stains on the screen and there is no suitable tool, you can directly use a clean Wipe gently with damp cloth

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05 Feb 2024 Joseph Ng
I have the 84” floor version. Do you advise switching power off when the screen is not in use?
05 Feb 2024 Mario Dos Santos
Price 100"?

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