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Take you to understand the different types of anti-light curtains from VIVIDSTORM

by ZhouQiaoli 27 Apr 2022 0 Comments

What are the materials of projection screen curtains?

White plastic curtain, gray plastic curtain, glass bead curtain, PVC curtain, glass fiber curtain, metal curtain, anti-light curtain

What is an anti-light curtain?

The anti-light curtain uses an optical layer to achieve anti-light. Its biggest feature is that it can resist ambient light and reduce the interference of light on the picture effect, thereby enhancing the contrast and color saturation of the picture.

Image from:Mesut Çevik

Therefore, it can be used normally in the day or night with strong light, and the projection screen will not be blurred due to strong light, and the color will not have a sense of hierarchy.

Anti-light screen is mainly divided into black grid anti-light screen and Fresnel screen,Both can achieve the effect of gathering light, but the structure on the screen surface is different.


Black grid anti-light curtain


The surface structure of the black grid anti-light curtain is jagged, with black on the top and white on the bottom. When the light reaches the gears in the upper half from the top of the line of sight, it will be absorbed by the black surface, thus resisting the ambient light; while the light from the projector below will be absorbed by the black surface. Reach the white layer and reflect into the human eye to see the image


Fresnel screen

The Fresnel screen uses a circular pattern. As can be seen from the figure, due to the circular structure, the screen can absorb light from the top and both sides, while the light from the projector below can be reflected to the maximum extent into the human eye.

It can be seen that the black grid has a wider viewing angle than the Fresnel, the black grid is more recommended, and the price is more favorable


Long Focus/Ultra Short Focus Anti-Light Curtain

According to the projection distance of the projector, it is divided into ultra-short focus anti-light screen and long focus (ordinary projector) anti-light screen

Ultra-short throw projectors are suitable for use with black grid anti-light screens

Tele/Short throw (normal projector) suitable for HD anti-light screen with metal coating

★ Projector lumens > 2300ANSI, Using ALR Screen

★ The projector's true lumen is 2000-2300ANSI, using ALR-3D


★ The real lumens of the projector is less than 2000, and it is often used in a dark environment, suitable for white screen (not suitable for daytime projection)


In general, if you want to build a large-screen home theater, choosing a large-sized black grid is the best choice. It is only used in a dark environment where the lights are turned off. Choosing a white screen is the most affordable.

There are every type of screen in the VIVIDSTORM store, there is always one you need~

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