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Different curtain types have different light resistance

by ZhouQiaoli 28 Apr 2022 0 Comments

The anti-light screen has the advantages of absorbing external ambient light and enhancing the contrast and color saturation of the picture

However, there are obvious differences in the light resistance of different anti-light curtain types.

Please check the parameters and comparison of different curtain types in the picture

Black grid anti-light curtain:

As can be seen from the picture, the best light resistance is the black grid anti-light curtain, with a light resistance of 90%, which is also our most recommended product

This is because the surface of the black grid absorbs or resists the ambient light above through the special prism structure of TPU, and projects the light projected by the laser projector below to the human eyes, so its light resistance and color rendering are the best. 

Long Focus & Long Focus-3D:

Both the 3D version and the regular long focal version are coated with a special metal layer that evenly absorbs and rejects ambient light

However, the light resistance of the 3D version will be better than the normal long focal version, because the back of the screen of the 3D version is black, which is not easy to transmit light and absorbs more light, but the entire screen of the normal version is gray. The light resistance will be a little worse, so it cannot be placed in front of the window for projection during the day, and there will be obvious light transmission effect.

white curtain:

The light resistance of the white screen is the weakest, so it is suitable for use in a dark environment. If it is only used for projection at night or in the dark, you can consider a white screen, and its price will be more favorable.



No matter what type of curtain it is, the light resistance after punching will be a little worse than the original one, because there are many holes, so naturally more light can pass through

In addition to the black grid anti-light screen, it only punches holes at the black border at the bottom of the screen, so its light resistance is not affected, while other screens are punched in the whole screen.



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