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Why Alcohol is Not Used on Your UST ALR Projection Screen

by ZhouQiaoli 06 Feb 2024 0 Comments

Your UST ALR projection screen is a masterpiece designed for unparalleled visual experiences, and we're here to guide you on the path to its optimal care. One crucial rule – steer clear of alcohol-based cleaners. The material of your UST ALR screen is delicate, and using alcohol can lead to irreversible damage.

Why Say No to Alcohol? UST ALR screens are made of special materials and require gentle cleaning methods. Alcohol, being abrasive, can cause harm, compromising the brilliance of your screen. Preserve its integrity by avoiding alcohol-based solutions.

Cleaning Accessories: Your Allies Each UST ALR screen we send is equipped with cleaning accessories, your partners in maintaining visual excellence. The cleaning brushes and cleaning stickers included are tailored for the delicate surface, ensuring effective cleaning without risking damage.

Daily Cleaning Ritual In your daily cleaning routine, harness the power of the provided cleaning brush and stickers. The cleaning stickers delicately remove small bugs and foreign particles, while the brush sweeps away dust along the screen's texture. Embrace these tools for a daily ritual that preserves your UST ALR projection screen's clarity.

Cleaning Requirements:

  1. Clean with soft water.
  2. Use a clean cotton cloth or a soft dust brush to delicately remove dust particles from the screen.
  3. In humid conditions, surface wrinkles may appear; this is normal and can be rectified by gently heating with a hairdryer.


  1. Never scribble on the screen.
  2. Avoid touching the screen with hard or sharp objects.
  3. Gentle cleaning is advised to prevent scratching.
  4. Turn off the screen when not in use.
  5. For indoor use only; not waterproof—outdoor use is not recommended.
  6. Avoid direct contact with the screen surface using sharp objects to prevent punctures or scratches.
  7. Do not use acetone, benzene, alcohol, or other organic solvents for cleaning, as they may cause permanent damage.
  8. Do not attempt to disassemble the screen to avoid possible injury. If parts are visibly damaged, contact your authorized dealer.

 It is recommended that you use our professional cleaning kit to clean your screen.

Say farewell to alcohol and embrace a cleaning routine that respects the delicacy of your UST ALR screen. Elevate your viewing experience, knowing you're preserving the brilliance of your visual sanctuary.

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