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Why Hoisting Your Floor Rising Screen is Prohibited

by ZhouQiaoli 31 Jan 2024 0 Comments

Embark on a visual journey with our floor-rising screens, crafted for excellence in your viewing experience. However, it's crucial to understand that these screens are designed for floor use only, and we strongly advise against attempting to suspend them from the ceiling.


Why No to Ceiling Suspension? We want to emphasize that converting a floor-rising screen into a drop-down screen by suspending it from the ceiling is not recommended. The weight of the screen and bracket, when hung from above, can lead to several issues.

Brackets Issue: The screen's brackets do not open properly when
suspended from above.

Weight Matters: Motor Damage Risk The excessive weight can prevent the screen from closing properly, causing operational issues. Moreover, the overloaded weight poses a risk of damaging the motor, compromising the functionality and longevity of your screen.

Gravity-Induced Wrinkles Gravity comes into play, and the screen, when suspended, may gradually develop wrinkles. This compromises the smoothness and visual integrity of your screen, affecting the quality of your viewing experience.

Safety First: Weight and Installation Considerations Safety is paramount, and due to the substantial weight of the screen, installing it on the ceiling raises safety concerns. It's crucial to consider the load-bearing capacity and installation compatibility to avoid any potential hazards.

In summary, we highly discourage the suspension of floor-rising screens from the ceiling. Optimal performance, longevity, and safety can be assured when these screens are utilized as intended – on the floor

If you want a screen that can be hoisted, you can choose to drop down the screen

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