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Ordinary projector projecting different screen samples and comparison test of switch lights

by ZhouQiaoli 25 Aug 2022 0 Comments

In order to more clearly compare and understand the light resistance of four different screens suitable for ordinary projectors and the clear contrast of the picture, we used an Epson CH-TZ1000 telephoto projector with a real lumens of 2000 to test the four screen samples. Comparison test of switching lights.

Test material:

Test Projector: Epson CH-TZ100

Curtain samples:
1. Obsidian Long Throw ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting Material)
2. 3D(High Gain) Obsidian Long Throw Ambient Light Rejecting Material
3. White Cinema Material
4.Pearlescent White Cinema Plus (High Gain)Material

Test scene construction:

We stick four samples of curtains on a flat white wall in sequence indoors, and project four identical images through the projector, so as to compare the clarity, contrast, color saturation and true reproduction of the images. And observe the change of the projection effect of different screen samples by turning on and off the light


Comparison of projection images such as switches of four screen samples:

 Curtain sample comparison Figure 1

 Curtain sample comparison Figure 2

 From the comparison pictures of the four curtain samples, we can draw several phenomena:

1. No matter which screen it is, the projection effect of the projector with the lights off will be much better than that of the projector with the lights on, and the difference between the projection images of the four screens when the lights are off is very small.

2. Obsidian Long Throw ALR with ambient light suppression and 3D (High Gain) Obsidian Long Throw ALR curtains will have a clearer picture and color contrast than the projections of White Cinema and Pearlescent White Cinema Plus without light resistance when the lights are turned on and saturation will be better, which fully demonstrates the importance of screen resistance to light, and can achieve freedom of viewing when the lights are turned on or during the day.

3. The high-gain screen will have higher brightness, color saturation and contrast than the normal screen. You can observe the ALR and ALR-3D (high gain), White Cinema and Pearlescent White Cinema Plus (High Gain) two sets of screen samples comparison screen

Therefore, if you want to watch movies during the day or in a bright room, you can choose a screen with ambient light suppression; if the projector is not bright enough, you can choose a high-gain screen to increase the brightness and contrast of the projected picture.

 #Epson #normalprojector #ALR #tech


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