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What is ALR? Does the projector have to use an ALR screen?

by ZhouQiaoli 17 Jun 2022 0 Comments

Nowadays, home theaters are becoming more and more popular and sought after by people. Not only are there more and more brands and types of projectors, but also the types and functions of the screen of the projectors that are born have more choices, while CLR Or ALR (Ambient Light Rejected Light) screens are the screens of choice for home theater builders.

Compared with ordinary white screens, the price of ALR screens will be much higher, so is it really necessary to use ALR screens? How to choose the right screen for you?

First we need to understand what is an ALR screen

How ALR Screens Work:

Ordinary projection screens reflect all the projected light in every direction, while the ALR screen has the effect of "ambient light suppression" because it selectively reflects the projected light into human eyes. , and effectively suppress and filter out ambient light that does not belong to the projector.

There are many different brands of manufacturers and styles of ALR screens on the market, each with different design methods and light suppression technology, but most of them are by changing the surface structure of the screen and adding some layered filtering optics. Coating to suppress and select light

Do I have to choose the ALR screen?

Maybe many people have questions, is it necessary to choose an ALR (ambient light suppression) screen? Can't you just choose an ordinary white screen or cast a white wall? So how do we choose whether to buy a screen or not, and what kind of screen to buy?

Do I need to buy a projection screen?

Up to now, there are still many people who choose to cast white walls. If you are in a completely dark environment with the lights off or in a completely dark environment, there is no problem with projecting a white wall or a white screen, because the projection effect of all projections in a dark environment is The best, can provide the best contrast, at which point any light suppression screen has no obvious advantage. But white walls may not be so flat, or have some texture, which will affect the effect of watching movies, so for long-term home theater installations and commercial use, projection screens are the best choice!


Because, it is usually difficult to achieve complete darkness in the room where the projector is used. Many projector users are deeply affected by ambient light, so an ALR screen with ambient light suppression is the best choice. It can reduce the The effect of ambient light, so that it can project a clear, high-contrast picture in the daytime or in low-light environments.
So ALR screens are the best choice for home theater or commercial projectors

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