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When you encounter the problem that the floor-to-ceiling screen cannot be raised, you need to do these things

by ZhouQiaoli 28 Jun 2022 1 comment

Sometimes there are customers who find that the screen cannot be raised after using it for a period of time, and they will doubt whether the screen is damaged and cannot be used. Please keep reading!

1. Determine whether there is thermal protection

When the screen is frequently raised and lowered, the screen will have a self-protection mechanism - thermal protection. Due to the frequent operation of the screen, the motor will heat up. At this time, the screen needs to stand for about 30 minutes, and then re-run the screen to check whether it is normal.

2. Check the power switch

First, you need to check that the power switch is properly powered. Under normal circumstances, after plugging in the power cord and pressing the switch, you will hear a "beep" sound for nearly 5 seconds;

If the light of the power switch keeps flashing after plugging in, it means that the circuit is in poor contact, you need to check whether the power cord is plugged in tightly enough, and if necessary, hammer the plug firmly

If it is confirmed that there is no problem with the plug, you can try another power cord. If the switch still cannot be used normally, it proves that there is a problem with the switch, and the switch is connected to the circuit board, so the circuit board also needs to be replaced together.

3. Check the power switch - change the fuse

There will be a small "secret door" in the middle of our switch. There are two fuses inside, one of which is used as a spare. You can take out the spare fuse at the back and replace it to check whether the power switch is normal and the screen is normal. rising
Please note: Be sure to unplug the power supply before proceeding

4. Cut off the infrared head

If you plug in the power cord, turn on the power switch and do not hear a "beep" sound for nearly 5 seconds, you can unplug the power cord, and cut off the infrared rays without plugging in, because there will be a short circuit of infrared rays that will affect the switch. The normal power on, cut off the infrared rays, and then re-plug to verify whether the screen can run normally

5. Check whether the voltage is consistent

Check whether the mark on the outer box corresponds to the voltage on the label next to the power supply of the cover, and check whether the voltage of the screen is paired incorrectly. In addition, you can also open the cover on the left side of the screen and take out the circuit board to check whether the voltage is correct.

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1 comment

07 Sep 2023 Punrapee
I need to buy new fuses. Which fuses do I need to buy?

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