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What's with the noise when the screen turns on and off? How to fix it?

by ZhouQiaoli 24 May 2022 0 Comments
The screen makes a noise when it is turned on and off. Some people may encounter this situation (not including the beep-like beep sound when the screen is turned on)

The reason for the noise is that due to the frequent operation of the screen, it will increase the friction of the bracket, which will cause the sound to be generated during the operation of the screen

Then the solution to the noise from the bracket is - dripping oil

Drip oil or cooking oil on the upper, middle and lower parts of the bracket with screws and joints

After dripping the oil, shake the bracket to let it penetrate into the screw structure of the bracket

Then, run the screen again, no noise is solved

Special attention is: Do not get the oil on the screen. When dripping oil, you can use a clean cloth to block it.
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