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What should I do if the projector is not bright enough?

by ZhouQiaoli 06 Jun 2022 0 Comments
Projection brightness is expressed by luminous flux, and the unit of luminous flux is lumens, because we will judge the brightness of the projector by lumens

Commonly used projectors are generally between 1000-4000 lumens:

Home-type projectors are generally sufficient at 1500-2500, thinking that the space in the living room or bedroom is limited and the viewing distance is small.

Commercial or educational projectors are generally between 3000-4000 lumens, because commercial or educational projectors are generally used during the day, and the need for brightness is greater

Projector lumens for engineering purposes are between 4000-8000

The projectors we use in movie theaters, auditoriums, and squares can reach more than 10,000 lumens, and can display clear images on screens of more than 300 inches.

The lumens of the projector can also be selected according to the size of the space and the time of use

What to do when the projector's brightness is not enough?

1. Clean the dust from the lens

At the right time, a lot of dust will adhere to the surface of the lens, and the dust will affect the luminous flux of the lens to a certain extent. Regularly clearing the dust on the lens will help to improve the brightness of the projector.

2. Replace the projector bulb

At present, most projector bulbs on the market are metal halide bulbs. After 1000 hours of use, the bulb itself will have a certain degree of loss, the brightness will be significantly attenuated, and the luminous flux will also decrease. , so replacing the bulb in time is the most effective way to increase the brightness.

3. Adjust the projector parameters

You can adjust the contrast and color of the projection screen, but this can only be adjusted in a small range, and it is also the method with the least obvious effect.

4. Use a high-gain projection screen

Low-lumen projectors can be paired with a high-gain screen that suppresses ambient light to improve the brightness of the picture by resisting light, thereby neutralizing the problem of low projector brightness. This is the most common and very effective method.

Projectors with less than 2200 lumens are clearer with S ALR-3D

S ALR-3D is an upgraded version of S screen. It is a screen with 1.2 high gain. It is specially designed for low-lumen projectors. Even if the brightness of the projector is not high, the screen will enhance the contrast and color of the projected image. Saturation, to a large extent makes the projected picture clearer and brighter

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