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ViewSonic X2000B-4K Annual Flagship Ultra Short Throw Projector Out-of-the-Box Evaluation Supports Netflix Disney+ Youtube

by ZhouQiaoli 30 Jun 2022 0 Comments

Thanks for sharing, The video comes from the author:香港投影 HongKongProjector

Label from:

ViewSonic X2000B-4K Ultra Short Throw Luxury Home Theater
4K HDR Ultra Short Throw Smart Laser Projector

• True 4K HDR immersive visual experience
• 0.22 ultra-short focal ratio to project a 100-inch screen from 23 cm away
• Second-generation laser phosphor technology with a lifetime of up to 20,000 hours
• Cinematic audio by Harman Kardon with Dolby/DTS support
• Smart connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
• Support Netflix Disney+ Youtube

💠Black Version

💖White version

🏅VIVIDSTORM projection screen



ViewSonic X2000B-4K 超短焦 Ultra Short Throw 豪華家庭影院 4K HDR 超短焦智能激光投影機

• 真正的 4K HDR 沉浸式視覺體驗

• 0.22 超短焦比,可在 23 厘米外投射 100 英寸屏幕

• 第二代雷射熒光粉技術,使用壽命長達 20,000 小時

• 由 Harman Kardon 提供的影院級音頻,支持杜比/DTS

• 通過 Wi-Fi 和藍牙實現智能連接

• 支援Netflix Disney+ Youtube






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