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Samsung at the 2024 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE): Showcasing the Best in Projection Technology

by ZhouQiaoli 17 Jun 2024 0 Comments

Highlights from Samsung’s Exhibit at the 2024 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE)

Samsung had a strong presence at the prestigious 2024 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) in Hall 12.2, Booth E20. This event provided an excellent platform to showcase our cutting-edge products to technology enthusiasts and industry professionals.

🌟 Featured Display: 120-inch VIVIDSTORM Electric Floor Rising Screen with Samsung Laser TV

One of the standout attractions at Samsung's exhibit was the impressive 120-inch VIVIDSTORM Electric Floor Rising Screen, paired with the Samsung Laser TV. This combination drew significant attention, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of home entertainment with stunning image quality, vibrant colors, and smooth performance.

Event Highlights:

  • Innovative Technology: Attendees were captivated by the advanced technology behind our showcased products. The seamless integration of the Samsung Laser TV with the VIVIDSTORM screen demonstrated the pinnacle of high-definition viewing.
  • Live Demonstrations: Our live demos were a major highlight, drawing large crowds eager to experience the remarkable clarity and dynamic visuals firsthand.
  • Expert Consultations: Samsung’s team of experts was on hand to provide personalized advice and answer questions, ensuring visitors could find the perfect projection solutions for their needs.

The response to Samsung's exhibit was overwhelmingly positive, and we are grateful for the enthusiastic feedback and support from all who visited the booth. Your interest and encouragement drive us to continue delivering top-tier products and innovative solutions.

Missed the Event?

If you couldn’t make it to the fair, you can still explore Samsung’s latest offerings and experience the VIVIDSTORM Electric Floor Rising Screen paired with the Samsung Laser TV on our website [] and social media channels [].

Thank you for making our presence at the 2024 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) a resounding success. We look forward to showcasing more groundbreaking technology at future events and continuing to provide the best in projection screen solutions.

Stay Connected: Follow us on social media to stay updated on the latest news, product launches, and upcoming events.

Discover the Future of Viewing with Samsung and VIVIDSTORM – Stay Tuned for More Innovations!

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