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Large screen IMAX home theater - a popular choice for modern light luxury home decoration

by ZhouQiaoli 30 Jun 2022 0 Comments

The charm of IMAX theaters

IMAX theater refers to a venue or theater dedicated to showing IMAX movies. IMAX refers to a giant super-large screen. It is the most advanced in the world with relatively mature technology and high-precision movie systems. The picture projected on the live screen is amazing, the crystal-like image, with the most advanced sound system, brings super shocking sound IMAX, film sound, IMAX picture resolution is very high, giving the audience the most immersive experience. movie viewing experience,

The large format of the 15/70 format film, combined with the unique IMAX projection technology, is the key to the unique high brightness and high definition of the IMAX film screen. The IMAX screen is huge, 4,500 times the area of an ordinary TV screen, and the screen is slightly tilted like the audience. , so that the audience can better face the center of the screen, and the width of the screen extends beyond the audience's visual range,

The interior of the IMAX theater requires a higher space to accommodate a large-area screen. The height varies from four to eight stories. In order to prevent the audience in the front row from blocking the view of the audience in the back row, the audience seats of the IMAX theater need to be distributed on the slope. On a large slope, because of these two factors, the interior of the IMAX theater needs to have a large enough space and a high enough height.
So if you want to see a 3D or 4D movie, you can only enjoy the charm of IMAX by going to the IMAX cinema.

Information from Baidu Encyclopedia

Home theater at your fingertips

As friends who love audio and video, they will maintain their pursuit and research on IMAX, and now the upsurge of home theater is getting higher and higher, and many people have the idea of moving IMAX theaters to their homes. Is this whimsical? No, it's achievable!

The development of home theater has become more and more mature, and more young people will abandon small-sized LCD TVs when decorating their houses, and choose to buy projectors, and finally choose super-sized projection screens. In the general home decoration layout, the space of the room is not as large as the cinema, and the viewing distance is very long.

Therefore, when you use a projector with a relatively high brightness, a large-size projection screen, and even someone will configure a pair of effects with good sound effects in order to be closer to the viewing effect of the IMAX theater. In this way, a simple family response system has been initially realized

A 120-inch large screen is placed in the beautifully decorated and spacious living room, with its own IMAX giant screen effect, as if you are in an IMAX theater. When you come home, you can lie on the sofa in your leisure time, surf the world of audio and video, and feel immersed. watching movies.


The case of the application of projection screen in modern home decoration

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