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Introducing the smart hidden UST projector cabinet with Vividstorm ALR screen and Changhong V8S

by ZhouQiaoli 29 Aug 2022 2 Comments

Thanks for sharing, The video comes from the author:SobieTech

Original video from:

Hello, welcome to SobieTech. In this video, we will demonstrate the smart UST projector cabinet with Vividstrom ALR screen and Changhong V8S 4K UST laser projector. The stylish design of the cabinet set allows the projector and screen hidden inside it while not in use. It offers a fully synchronized solution that allows the projector, the cabinet itself, and the screen to work together seamlessly.

Advanced features including adaptive temperature control, fully adjustable motorized projector platform with an anti-pinch mechanism can also be found in this cabinet.

We hope you find it interesting, if you have any questions, please be free to contact us.

00:00 Beginning

00:09 Structure intro

00:46 Dimension Measurement

00:51 Cable management

01:00 Projector (V8S) and Screen (Vividstrom S Pro) Info

01:24 Smart feature - adaptive temperature control

01:56 Smart feature - built-in motorized projector platform

02:45 Smart feature - anti-pinch mechanism 02:55 Smart feature - fully synchronized system

03:40 Vividstrom ALR Screen Into

04:42 Vividstrom - Ambient Light Conditions Demo

06:12 Vividstrom - Darkroom Demo

#cabinet #hidden #hiddencabinet #Electriccabinet #Electricscreen #vividstorm

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22 Mar 2023 Douglas Cooper
How much and where can I buy?


22 Sep 2022 Leroy D JACKSON
I like the new idea and would love to have one complete setup.

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