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India Tech Fair: The Future of Television is the Screenless

by ZhouQiaoli 26 Apr 2022 0 Comments
Thanks for sharing!
Original image from: Sushil Motwani

Experience technology up close and feel the future of television

At the exhibition site, the booths of XGIMI projectors and VIVIDSTORM screens were extremely popular, and many exhibitors were attracted by the theme of projection!

What we can be sure of is:The future of television is the screenless

The era of projection has come

As a traditional fixed TV that needs to be installed, it can no longer meet people's pursuit of portability, freedom and DIY.

TVs are no longer just for watching movies. Now they are more about personalized needs such as decoration, beauty and games. The emergence of projection screens has well met and adapted to the needs of the times. The popular trend of home theater is also

From the popularity of XGIMI projectors and vividstorm projection screens at the show, we have more to come, so stay tuned!

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