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How to solve the small depression on the screen because there is a foreign body on the screen shaft?

by ZhouQiaoli 11 May 2022 0 Comments
In the daily use of the screen, small foreign objects may fall into the scroll of the screen, such as some food scraps, metal pieces, etc., resulting in small depressions on the screen due to foreign objects.

As long as the screen is not punctured, it can be restored to flat by repairing

The curtain surface is recessed as shown in the figure:

The specific method of repair:

1. Open the black plug at No. 2 of the screen housing.

2. Insert the yellow adjustment into the yellow adjustment hole, and then slowly turn it anti clockwise a few circles ( depending on the degree of adjustment you need)

3. After each turn, press the "down" switch and then the "up" switch to make the screen rise to a lower position than the original.
At this time, the screen will be a distance away from the housing. You can then reach in and see if you can touch the foreign object and remove it

Then use the adjustment bar to adjust the appropriate height according to the opposite direction or the same position, when you adjust the height of the screen, you should press the "down" button.

4.After taking out the object from the inside of the tube, and then unfolding the screen for three days, the dents will weaken and disappear.
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