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Can a Laser Projector REPLACE your TV? Top 4 Modern TV Replacement 4K Laser and LED Projectors

by ZhouQiaoli 08 Jul 2022 0 Comments

Thanks for sharing, The video comes from the author:The Hook Up

Label from:https:

extensively tested the BENQ X3000i, XGIMI Horizon Pro, Dangbei Mars Pro, and Anker Nebula Cosmos Laser Max 4K to figure out which one is the best and if any of them could replace your family room TV.

🔥 Top Pick (Risky Pick) 🔥 Dangbei Mars Pro
Dangbei Direct (not recommended):

🔥 Well Rounded and Easy To Use 🔥 XGIMI Horizon Pro
XGIMI Direct EU:

🔥 Best Travel Projector 🔥 Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K
Anker Direct:

(Limited time coupon) $500 off for Cosmos Laser 4K: 4K500OFF

🔥 Best Gaming Focused Projector 🔥 BENQ X3000i
BENQ Direct US:
BENQ Direct UK:

🔥 My Projector Screen 🔥 120" Vividstorm Floor Rising


#XGIMIHorizonPro #DangbeiMarsPro #NebulaCosmosLaser4K #BENQX3000i #Vividstorm #120inchscreen #FloorRisingscreen #tech #4Klaser #minprojetor #projectscreen #VideoGames #screengolf #Engineering #HomeSecurity #Televisions #Hi-Fi

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