shipping policy

Transportation costs

Charges based on size and country

Shipping order
The order will be shipped within 2-10 working days of processing the payment, unless you specify it when placing the order, you will receive an email notification stating that the goods in the order have been delayed. Any expected delivery dates that may be given are only estimates. Due to the time required to verify or place the order, the order may be delayed. Orders can be shipped in batches. All purchases are made in accordance with the freight contract. This means that after the items are tendered to the carrier, the risk of loss and ownership of such items will be transferred to you.

Mailing address
A complete and correct delivery address is essential. Once your order is ready to be shipped or has been shipped, we will not be able to change the shipping address. If the package is returned to us because the address provided by you (the customer) or your agent is incorrect or incomplete, we will contact you immediately to make a correction, and the package will be re-shipped and additional shipping charges will be charged. You must provide a daytime phone number for all orders. Sometimes, packages will be returned to vividstorm as undeliverable items. When the carrier returns the undeliverable package to vividstorm, please contact vividstorm to arrange reshipment.

Standard shipping
Products shipped through standard services are usually delivered within 2-10 working days after receiving the order.



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