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Absolutely incredible

First the disclaimers: This is the first screen I've ever owned, so I don't have others to compare it to. And due to the specific needs of my room, this was pretty much the only screen that would work for my situation. But I am beyond happy with this purchase. I wish I had room for a bigger one (I got the 100 inch version). First you will notice the packaging. I have never seen anything so carefully and thoroughly packed for shipping. Obviously at this price point you would hope companies would respect your purchase enough to take care of it, but few do. So big thanks to Vivid Storm for that. Oh, and it arrived well before the estimated delivery time, too. As for performance, it's amazing. It's paired with the Samsung ultra short throw projector and the picture is just incredible. Watched a movie in the middle of the day - no problem. Lights on - no problem. At night with the lights out - stunning. Just a phenomenal product. Easy 5 stars.
Alex from Arlington

July 9, 2021

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Just Wow

This Vividstorm screen is amazing at light rejection and picture clarity with an incredible viewing angle. They hide away nicely when not in use. This helps keep them clean and allows the esthetic of the room to come through. This particular screen is for UST (Ultra Short Throw) laser projectors. I've included a video (Amazon only allows one) of the screen in action. The clarity and color pop can't be captured by the phone camera but you can see how large of a picture you'll be getting and the viewing angle and light rejection is incredible. Believe me, the 4K picture is really crisp and you can still have some light in the room and it will look amazing. It really is as clear and crisp as a 4K LED tv. I'm using a Vividstorm screen, Optoma Cinemax P2, Sony 4K Blu-Ray player, Nakamichi Shockwafe 9.2.4 sound system, and a Roku Ultra. (The video is the Roku Ultra streaming a Pixar movie). If I ever need another, I'm going right back to Vividstorm.
That One Guy

March 13, 2022

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Wow! Amazing pic…didn't know how good my projector could be!

Expensive and worth it. Can watch in this window filled room in the height of the day. Excellent detail. Gain and color is perfect for shadow detail, contrast and color reproduction. Perfect match for my ultra bright Dell UST. Can start outdoor movie night way before sunset. It is incredibly well constructed. Mechanism is fast and smooth. It is very handsome when closes with a nicely fitting and protective door. Shipping was instantaneous and got it 2 weeks before expected delivery. Would have had it in 4 days if not sent via the very awful FedEx. Have to say it was the best packaged delivery I have ever gotten. Even thought FedEx abused it there was so much protective foam and plastic it didn't come close to affecting it. This screen was not much less than my 77” LG C1OLED.Was worried about buyers remorse throwing down this much coin, but after receiving it all's good. Paid a little less than this for my Stewart roll down many years back. That was good money spent. If this continues to operate as it does out of the box it will be a even more so.

June 11, 2021

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Killer product and killer customer service!

I ordered the older version (non S) and they helped me re-order! Then after I ordered I decided I wanted the wall brackets to hang it and so I bought them separately. They then refunded me $20 because it is only $50 to add the brackets at the time of screen purchase. Big fan, love how it hides when not in use and then goes up when you need it. Keeps my kids friends from screwing with it. Also, because it is on the ground it hides any speaker wires behind it. Win Win!!
MC Fisher

February 1, 2021

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Good quality

No installation is required and the quality is great. Perfect size for our basement.

April 26, 2022

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